March 30, 2017
By , RedwoodCity, CA

One day after school on a sunny Wednesday, my best friend, a short girl with small brown eyes and thin lips  came said to each other we should go to Hoover.vHoover was going to be full of of different soccer teams. I didn't ask permission from my mom I just left. When we got there we had our volleyball shorts and some old men inside their car in front of the grullense waitin for the green light to pass, honked really loudly like 4 times:


”adonde van tan hermosas”and “necesitan un raite,” they yelled and kept on staring at us from their car

Me and brenda just ignored him and kept walking.

I felt their old eyes staring into mine and Brenda's soul. I felt like I was naked on the streets and like me and brenda were objects,I felt really uncomfortable because I don't like getting guys' attention. I felt like I was forced to go, like she wouldn't want to be my friend anymore if i didn't go to hoover with brenda because i didn't want to hurt my friends feelings. I was scared to get in trouble because hadn't asked permission to go with Brenda. When we got to hoover we met up with some boys from hoover, one was tall and the other was short they're names are Junior and Johnny. Brenda a short mexican girl had left me because she left with Junior. In that moment my mom called and she said where was I and i lied and I said I was walking home. In that moment i ran home because I was scared. I was freaking out because I left my little sister,a fifth grader short with big eyes, I would get in trouble for leaving her alone. I was scared something would happen . I felt like cops were chasing me or I had ruined something so big.  This all showed me that  I shouldn't listen to Brenda more than I listen to my mom because it wasn't worth getting in trouble

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