I'm Someone's Motivation

March 30, 2017
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"Come on, wake up. You got a game to play."


I got up quick because I just wanted to go play. Whenever I played soccer, I always felt like I was playing a professional. I always imagine myself in a stadium. The crowd chanting my name everyone's going crazy because there excited for the game. I did what I do every morning put my jersey on and headed to my white GMC. As I was heading towards my soccer game in San Francisco where i've never played before. 


I was so excited to play as I do my routine that I do before every game. I watch my favorite defender Carles Puyol and thinking that that's how i'm going to play in the game, and chew gum and put tape on my wrist because that's what Puyol did. So my mum told me to put in the directions to the place. She hands me her phone and the gps. My sister was on the phone telling me what to do. I asked a question and I guess she got frustrated and told me, “let Rene do it because you are stupid.” My whole life my family has always treated me and my twin brother Rene different. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia so it made it really hard to learn. I never really cared when people called me dumb, but for some strange reason, when my sister said that it really hurt it made me feel dumb.


That's why I want to succeed to prove my family that i'm not dumb that i'm better then them that i'm doing better than them. That's not the only reason though I want to do it so i can continue to be a role model, I might not look like a role model but my nephew that has a dad that is a terrible role model he looks up to me. He is 5 years old, he lives with me. I always try to find time to spend with him. His mom says he's a mini me he talks like me he acts exactly like me.He does everything I do. I do something flashy in soccer, basketball and in boxing he does the same thing. Him and his mom are like motivation. My nephews mom when i think about when she called me dumb, I use the negative energy to work harder. Why I work to for my nephew is because he loves to talk about me he love to show me off. He always tells his dad and his uncles that i'm the best in boxing. His dad always says I suck and what I can do better.


Chonch says,” what do you mean he's the best and he made a kid's nose bleed and he hasn't lost a fight. He loves watching my fights and always rewatches when they raise my hand and say my name. He always defends me and one thing that he said that motivates me the most. We were in his room and I was taking care of him and like always he was watching my fight and he said, Ivan.” and I said what you want Chonch.” “Don't tell nobody but you are my hero. I think why he likes always being with me and not with his other uncles because i'm always happy and for me there's a trick to being happy. How I stay being happy is i think that life is like a scale so there's going to be an amazing month but life has to balance itself out so there's going to be a bad month. I just roll with the punches because i know that the next month  is going to be good. I also tell myself that someone somewhere else has it way worse then me. That's my key to happiness.  

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