March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

All I saw was $20 bills in the air. June 8th, 2016 was the day I’ll never forget. It’s the day that my older sister Sulieti graduated. We all woke up at about 10 in the morning in Hayward to get ready for my sister’s graduation. My siblings and I woke up earlier than my sister to surprise her with a cake and a lot of flowers. When we finished setting up we went to go wake her up, put all the flowers on her bed, and gave her the cake. She was crying her eyes out and happy finding all the flower and the cake on her bed. It was funny when we came out the room because she still had the cake on her lap and all the flowers on her legs and hand. So after surprising my sister with all those flowers and a cake I felt like the most happiest little sister ever and I'm sure my whole family were also happy and proud of my sister. So, we all got ready for the day we all split up we went to our rooms and got ready we all made sure no one was matching because me and my siblings hate matching, if one has white pants and someone else is wearing white pants whoever is the oldest always win so you would have to change.


We were all done getting ready and not matching. Before we even left the house we sent my two older brothers to go get my sisters last surprise it was a big banner that had a picture of her and her name “Sulieti AKA Chulayy.” Then, we left the house to our destination. Car rides with my siblings and I are fun very fun because we just love to sing and we know how to have a blast for only a short amount of minutes that we have in the car. It was time, my sister was about to graduate. Family from both sides of my family was there even family friends that we call our siblings, it felt like a reunion. It was a big stage, Suli was front and centered on the left side of the theater. Suli was going to be the first out of my siblings to graduate high school. The room was filled, my family was in every direction you looked in, if you looked to the left they were right there. If you looked to the right they were there. Even right in the front just to see Suli graduate.


There was only one more student till Suli. They called the girl in front of Suli. The girl looked so happy to be get a diploma. Once she got her hands on the diploma that's when my family went crazy. They started screaming and shouting but it wasn't for the girl it was for Suli. My sister's cheeks got so red she looked like a tomato. The girl in front of her looked so confused as why we were screaming for her but really my family couldn't wait. My older brother Sam he walked up on the stage and threw money, then took my sister’s hand and said “come on girl let's go get yo diploma.” That's when you would see my sister smile so big it was like she saw Jesus or something. They still have not called Suli’s name but my family is still shouting and yelling all you hear is “THAT’S MY SISTER!”, “GO CHUCHU GO CHUCHU.” Then, they finally called her name my family got even louder all my cousin ran to the front to scream and shout they looked like monkeys up there but my family really can care less what people think about them. My girl cousin had made face cut outs of Suli so they were waving that around. My brother walked Suli up and walked back down but still screaming. Suli got her diploma turned around and started waving her hand and took a bow like she was princess. (which she really is not the princess of the family) When she sat down my family died down but not completely they were still calling her name and shouting. I was pretty glad that Suli was the last student because my family did not stop yelling.


The ceremony was done my family all walked out to this little island in the front of the building. My mom and her sister's put a big ta’ovala (Tongan tradition) on the floor it was a light brown ta’ovala and then my two brothers had the banner held up with Suli’s face and name on it. When my sister walked out and came to us my family started screaming again. You could tell Suli wanted to cry because her eyes got watery and her ears got so red that her face got hot. Mind you she only had one flower lei on so when she got to where my family and I were at. I would say after about 7 minutes my sister was filled with candy leis. My aunties had a lot of flower leis, so they put the candy leis on her first then all the flower leis on the top so none of the flower leis would get messed up. Suli had so much on her she had to put some candy and flower leis on her hand. Everyone and their Mamas were taking pictures with Suli. I think it took about an hour because our family wanted to take like 5 each and everyone was rushing to go eat. The photos were done everyone were satisfied with their pictures and videos now it was time for everyone to get in their cars so we can go eat. Suli is filled with leis so she's frustrated because she doesn't know how to get in the car without messing any of the leis, so my mom decided to just let her drive the car to the restaurant because that way she would have room. We all ate at the Newark Buffet till like about 9:30. After done eating we all went to my house and just had family time with all my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins. We all had a blast and everyone slept over. Over all my whole day from morning to night was amazing I got to see my sister graduate and see some family members that I didn’t get to see in a while and to top the they all slept over.

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