April 1, 2017
By , Nesquehoning, PA

Lately I feel like things are getting harder to know. I have all these people who I think I can trust, then boom! There goes my secret. I have started to wonder what friends really mean to me. Of course they mean a lot, they always seem to be there when you can’t figure out what is quite going on. But what really is a good friend? Honestly I feel like we don’t know at this point, we are still so young to know if we have even found what a real friend is. Of course we all read those stories about that one friend who is just like always there and you can count on no matter what, but is that reality? It could be. But especially in my school there are so many people who could care less what happened to you, People who pretend to be there for you, then turn around and stab you in the back. What has our generation come to when I can’t even trust the people I thought I could trust for years? The answer to that question probably won’t ever be known. I just hope you know, you need to choose your friends with a carefully trained eye, because to have someone take advantage of you can be a breaking point. Know who your real friends are.

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