The Ball Hog

March 30, 2017
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Swoosh! The ball went through the net like a knife through butter.


It was early afternoon and the basketball team was going to a basketball game against Kennedy. These guys were big and tall. When I stood next to one and it look like standing next to a redwood tree and, when they jumped the ground, shaked it was like throwing a boat on to the court  and we were a little bit nervous because we were playing on their home court.

They were going started to warm up and one of the players was shooting and then we all started shooting.The game was about to start and there was still a little bit of time. I was just practicing my passes to one another. I was nervous because this team has never lost a game so, I kept shooting 3 pointers and I was excited to play before the game started. The game was finally started. We got the first five Ivan, Joshua, Rene,Baldo, and Sergio to start and they, stepped on the court.

We started playing and we, were down a couple points and with only a couple minutes around 3 minutes left in the first quarter.We were just going for layups and we said,¨Don't shoot threes¨ but, our team started to decided to shoot 3´s and they, kept missing.  We would tell them to pass the ball but they decide to to a bunch and then the other team, got the ball and then we, didn't stand a chance against them they were just taller and more of body and they, were able to drag us and take us we would get the ball and pass it but then they, would shoot 3 pointers again but they, still kept missing and they, would just get the ball and then go shoot again but then we, started to gain up points again and then we ,got the lead and then ,we were tied because they were tired but our, team was tired  and they, didn't have any defense and, the the Kennedy school wouldn't shut up all that you would hear is,¨defense, defense¨ this wouldnt allow us to listen to the coach they, kept  banging the benches and then, they wouldn't let us concentrate and, it was just a hot mess in there It felt like if you were trying to play in the middle of, World War I.  Many people were just too annoying it was like a daycare in there and didn't let us compete. It was just a hot mess and then they wouldn't let us concentrate. Many of the people of our bench would tell the other people to shut up but they, wouldn't care. What I learned from this game is pass the ball and don´t shoot 3 pointers because we ain't Steph Curry.

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