The Referees Were Paid

March 30, 2017
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We had a basketball game and my friend Juan came to my house. We started to practice. I did my regular routine. I stretched my legs and my arms. I dribbled the ball between my legs and shot a jump shot. I also practiced my layups. The timer went off and the game started. We tucked in our jerseys and stood at the middle of the court. Our team huddled up and I said too my team,”Ivan you are going to jump for the ball and if Ivan wins the jump ball you guys need to help him by getting into the key and setting screens.” We were playing good and getting rebounds. Finally the first quarter ended, and our coach Jake gave us a pep talk. He said to us,”You guys need to work as a team.” I said,”We got too look up and pass.” We took the advice and went back on the court. We were down by 4. Last time we played Kennedy we were down by 15 in the first quarter. This time we were down by 4. Our team was keeping up with the other team. The first foul was a minor pushing foul. So our team did not really say anything. The next was a travel. The player from the Kennedy team stopped and picked up the ball and started walking with it and the referees did not count it. That is when my face made a squint. When I squint that is a sign that I am mad. Then they pushed Rene and he got burned on his knee and elbow.


Our bench looked at the refs and they started laughing. They also pushed Joshua and Me. This push caused our basketball leggings too rip. Which resulted in a burn. The burn felt like the sun was shining its ray of heat on my knee. I got one burn but Joshua got two burns. And Rene got three burns. Our teams faces were red as a apple. They were also calling fouls on us for the slightest reasons. Our coach said,”You guys need to try to get in the key ok.” Every time we got in the key we would just get fouled. And the worst part was that the refs did not count those fouls. When you get fouled in the key it's supposed to be two free throws. We did not get them tho. I got fouled and looked at the ref and said,”Ref that is a foul come on.” The ref said,”Sorry i didn't see.” And the both refs looked at each other and laughed. And when they gave a kid from the other team a free throw we were so mad that when he shot we made noises so he could miss. That is unsportsmanlike but at that time we were mad. But when we made the noise the refs gave the kid a extra shot. He is not supposed to do that. Unless they foul him again. We lost that game but what was important was we played as a team and we kept up with them. Our coach Jake said, “ You guys played well and that's what is important.” He also said, “ You guys also played as a team.” What I can learn from this is your not always going to win in life and when you win good but when you lose come back better and harder.

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