Chaos in the Class

March 30, 2017
By alexiaambrizz13 BRONZE, Redwood City, California
alexiaambrizz13 BRONZE, Redwood City, California
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Scissors and papers were flying around the class, chaos occurring in the classroom. This is how my 7th grade year was at Taft, as we were doing nothing and changing teacher to teacher every few weeks. Picture this, you’re enthusiastic to start 7th grade, and you meet your first teacher, Ms. Squillacote. Imagine her being good teaching one subject, but not teaching the other subject properly. Now imagine a second teacher, Ms. Beeler, who didn’t even teach anything at all and let you eat in class, use computers to play games all the time while she just sits there. Imagine a third one, Mr. Samuel who sat on thumb tacks a lot and would just yell with his strong Ghanaian accent, but hey, he was the one who taught us a lot. We had another substitute, who I can’t really remember his name, just that he had a broken collarbone and gave us 7 pages of homework each day. Our last teacher was Mr. Ludwig, who was our permanent teacher and wow, did he do a good job on getting us back on track? Yes, he really did.


You may ask why we had so many teachers, but this is the fact that many of them came from other states to teach here and couldn’t afford the rent. Ms. Squillacote left because of that. Ms. Beeler left because she got extremely sick from her kidneys. Mr. Samuel was just a substitute, along with broken collarbone guy. Mr. Ludwig was a 5th grade teacher at our school, but changed to 7th to teach us, and that really was a risk to take. He really was the perfect fit to get us back on track.


Now you may wonder why I sit here typing this and saying how many teachers I had in one year, but I just wanted to say that this really did affect my education for that grade and for others too. I think we wouldn’t have missed out on so much if we had just one permanent teacher. If I had to describe the whole year in one word. It would be chaotic. After having all our teachers and supply fights, we ended up with Mr. Ludwig, who really was the best teacher we could have to end the year with. I think maybe the fact that I struggle with doing homework and turning my assignments in is the fact that we didn’t do much of this last year. Overall my point is that this really affected me.

The author's comments:

We had done this as a class project and I felt really inspired to post it here so others can hear my story too. 

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