What Choices Matter in Life?

March 30, 2017
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No matter how big or small, the choices you make shape your life. Of course, the actions you take based off your choices also matter, but even then, taking action is also a choice. If someone makes a choice, and takes no action, then they are choosing not to do anything about the situation. Everyone wants to make the right choices in life, but sometimes that requires waiting, or knowledge they don’t have. People learn from experience, which means they will make mistakes at times.

A person can make different types of choices, but they all affect how they live. They can make the choice to do something, the choice to do the action, and the choice to make the decision of needing to do or have something. There are choices that can change your life, like deciding to devote yourself to a certain religion; but there are less obvious ones, like deciding what you will wear today, where to go, or how much you will pay attention in class. All of them have end results that obviously directly, but also indirectly tie back to the choice. For example, choosing to not focus in class could obviously tie to having bad grades, not succeeding in college, and not getting a good job. But , because where you work and go to college affect who you meet, not paying attention in class could also affect things like, whether you get married or not later in life.

The only way to make good choices in life is to use wisdom in every situation. Before you do anything, think if it is a good choice or not. This sounds easy, but you will find yourself not thinking about your daily menial tasks; even what socks you wear can decide what people say about you. Of course, our wisdom on its own is never enough, which is why it is important to believe in God. Only God knows all things, and we are not perfect; meaning even in the simple areas of life, and especially in the difficult times, we have to rely on Him. Even with His help we still make the wrong choice quite often, whether it be because we do not listen to Him, or we simply do not follow through on His will or commands. You may feel burdened with the weight of not doing the right thing in life, or ruining your life forever, but we have no power over God. He has all power, including the power to forgive us and set His plan for us back in motion.

In the end, the only way to really be content with your choices, is to always move forward in God’s will to further His plans and blessings for your life. You may think that God is not real and that He does not speak to you. Either way, the choices you make will affect what happens in your life and shape who you are. If God is not real, then what is the point in worrying and making good choices? Your existence is meaningless then.

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