Beautiful Brain Babies

March 29, 2017
By SarRohdin BRONZE, Westerly, Rhode Island
SarRohdin BRONZE, Westerly, Rhode Island
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To those of you like me,


When I was younger I floated aimlessly through my day to day life, and my brain rambled on and on with no stopping. A constant supply of sporadic thoughts flowing through my head often caused me to be distracted, so I learned to ignore them and focus on the boring and scheduled time of the day that we call school, never once stopping to consider how important my meandering ideas I learned to block out could be. These brilliant brain babies we call thoughts are crucial parts of who we are, and without them we are prone to stick to the conformity of the rest of society.

I started to make a list of some of my thoughts and questions, and after just a few months, the list is already quite extensive. But some of these thoughts are left undeveloped, questions left unanswered, and ideas left unplanned. I realized we need to stop ignoring our thoughts, no longer suppress our ponderings, and put an end to the destruction of our ideas.

8:15 am- Time
The only thing in life that is set, no chance that it will ever change. Is it positive to have only one thing in your entire life be completely stable? Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, completely unstoppable. Is there ever an end? When you die, it still continues, completely immortal.  No stopping, no pausing, no break for the weary time, completely uncontrollable. Never random, always there, constantly marching forward. Time.


I allow these thoughts to flow through me but often getting stuck on some and looking to others for guidance on how to approach the development of these ponderings. I found that many people were taken aback by the odd nature  of these ideas and this is when I realized I was not alone when I ignored my cognition. I was not the only one who did not allow themselves to think freely.

2:22 am- Is peanut butter a solid or a liquid?
Random indeed, this question pops into my head, but once there it is stuck, like peanut butter to the roof of my mouth. Similar to a liquid, it takes the shape of its container, and although quite viscous, it is possible to pour its deliciousness out of its jar. Yet on the other hand, it has properties of a solid, seeing as how it is dense and heavy. So the question stands, is peanut butter a solid or a liquid, or is this creamy delight a little bit of both.


As an American I have the ability to speak freely with few to no consequences, yet for so long I limited my thought process and in a way, had been restricting my own freedoms. I was attempting to tame the chaotic wolverine that sits in my head and because of that I was not explaining all my thoughts, asking all my questions, and speaking all my ideas. I was not speaking all that my mind consisted and restricted my mind’s freedom of speech.

10:55 pm- What came last conformity or individuality?
Similar to the chicken and egg controversy, conformity and individuality is often a thought in my mind. For example, an individual starts a new fashion trend, this fashion trend becomes a fad and everyone is walking around in conformity. But then soon after another individual comes and begins a new fad. It is a never ending cycle. But of course there are some people whose fashion statements never become trends and in that case they carry on as an individual. So maybe the real question is, what's more common conformity or individuality?


Take it from me, once you set your mind free from its jail cell of logic, it won’t cease to amaze you, in fact it won’t cease at all, completely unstoppable. Once set free it will explode like the chaotic wolverine it is meant to be. It will continue to march forward helping you realize your true self and you will soon begin to see how your unique and original thoughts can help you with school and other monotonous times.

Your own thoughts can become what you want them to be and you will begin to notice that things aren’t binary, they aren’t just time or timeless, solid or liquid, individualism or conformity. Things aren’t just black and white, there is color and beauty in everything. Thousands of new things to consider that have been sitting in a little jar in your mind, stuck there waiting for you to open the lid. Open that jar and let out the curiosity driven thoughts, insightful questions, and beautiful ideas that you have been suppressing.


8:15 am- Time
2:22 am- Is peanut butter a solid or a liquid?
10:55 pm- What came last conformity or individuality?


For so long we have been taught to think in one definitive way, never asking why we are taught to think in such conformity. Teenagers are the future, and we must stop restricting our beautiful brain babies from changing the world. The solutions to these world problems that surround us, could be sitting in the mind of the person in the desk next to you, could be sitting in your own mind, patiently waiting to be realized.


The author's comments:

This piece includes some of my own random thoughts and it is and open letter addressed to people who have not allowed themselves to think freely about whatever pops into their mind.

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