Let It Be True

March 29, 2017
By Jaylen012000 SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
Jaylen012000 SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
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I’m just a child. I don’t know anything. I am out of control and I allow my anger to get the best of me. I am irresponsible. I am not mature enough to handle situations on my own and I often need to rely on an adult for any and all situations. I am “too smart for my own good”. I need to get out of the mindset that I am better than others before I ruin myself. I am too selfish, spoiled, and judgmental. I have no clue about the past and I am ignorant of my history.

Not a full week goes by that I don’t hear one of these. My “ignorant” generation and I don’t deserve to be belittled for the works of others. Some may fall into the criteria of the stated, but it is not intentional. It’s extremely bothersome that the older generation is not so open and willing to educate us on the things they claim we are oblivious to. All millennials are not up to no good. If we had the guidance provided to ensure that we are on the right track, the stereotypes that they older generation has can be diminished.

Not only are these stereotypes opinions, but these opinions are often acted upon by our older generations. We find ourselves often shunned and looked down upon because of the behavior of others. Not all teenagers are the same. Just because one teen acts a certain way does not define the ways that all do. I want to be perceived as who I am and not how others are. I was the older generation, as well as the newer, to know that I am something better than the stereotypical teenager.

Media adds to the stereotyping of all teenagers. Not all teens plan to go out with friends, get high and do regretful things. I don’t. However, the media portrays us in such a way to make us look like rebels, and something that we are not. The teenagers that I know are engaging, mature and idealistic. It’s not often that you find our generation doing things that we are not supposed to. Since we have so much problems, how about the older generation step up and guide us? Lead us in the way you deem necessary for us to go in. Allow us to “mold” in the way that you want us to. Until then, give us time to grow. Let us make our own decisions, regretful or not. This is the only way we will learn.

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