Most Embarrassing Day

March 28, 2017
By Minnie-Mousee BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Minnie-Mousee BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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This story takes place at the beach. A day I will forever remember. Let’s hear about this day shall we?

I was headed to the beach with a friend of mine, his mom and her boyfriend. We packed the car full of things we needed the night before. It was a very good day to go to the beach since it was very sunny but not too hot.  Six in the morning we ate a big breakfast since we had a long drive to Ocean City. After breakfast we head out for our journey, it was going to be a long one but we were excited none the less.

As we’re heading to the beach we are snacking on chips and drinking Kool-Aid Jammers. Singing along to the music, playing on the radio, telling jokes, playing simple car games are what did to pass time by. But, eventually we grew tired and fell asleep expecting to arrive at the beach. When we woke up, too much disappointment we were not at the beach yet. I however wasn’t surprised because that’s how it always is when you are on a road trip. Just a few more hours and we’d be there.

Finally we arrive at the beach. I was ready to swim and roll along with the waves and surfers. This was what summer was all about, and I couldn’t wait. Feeling the sand beneath my toes and making sandcastles, I couldn’t wait. A few hours and an ice cream cone later, I find myself back into the water running away from my friends hands pushing me into the waves. However it was hard to run in water and he finally caught me. What happened next was the worst part of my summer. A big wave was coming in and I was not aware until I felt myself being submerged into it. Wave after wave I could not get up, I felt something above my head and a man’s voice yelling and laughing “oh my gosh”. I could finally get up and the man is fixing his shorts. MY HEAD WAS IN HIS BUTT!!!! I was totally embarrassed everyone was laughing at me and I vowed to never go back to the beach.

Summer is all about laughter and enjoying your life as a free kid. That day was the complete opposite but now I can laugh about it and realized that it was embarrassing but yet very amusing. What a day!

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