Just Saying Hi

March 28, 2017
By ferry123 SILVER, Sharjah, Other
ferry123 SILVER, Sharjah, Other
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Do you remember? Do you remember the noises that humans were making? Do you remember the number of hearts that were beating? Do you remember that moment when you were alive? When we were alive. That even in silence we were loud. That in distance we were near. That even in darkness there was light. There was time. There was love. There was hope. Do you remember?

We were not selfish. We were just playing. Making memories at a place where we didn’t belong. We were children of an innocent addiction. We were believers of the stars. And believers of what they would tell us. Perhaps we were lost. But we had found each other. Do you remember?

It comes and goes like waves. The memories of us. And each time they appear, they leave a stone on our hearts. They leave a scar in our souls. They turn dreams into nightmares. And we are caught in the silence. As if we are lost in space. And we watch as our young hearts fade. Behind the same promise that we thought we would once never break. We try to escape the pain. But we do not leave that one thing that causes this pain. Instead, we look for each other in pieces.

But we only find ourselves, scattered in pieces, hoping to be completed. What is it that draws us together, but lets us live apart. We are making memories. Somehow. Somewhere. We are collecting experiences. Lessons. Moments. Do you remember how the rain would make us feel like we had fallen in love all over again? We live with each other, every day in pictures, in words, and in other people. We live in these moments together. And if we want, we can stay there forever.

The truth is that we are always living. Even when people make us feel like we are not. We care about each other, even when we are trying not to care. We do not hate each other. But we wish we did not have to live in this despair. We wonder what to talk about when we talk about love. The thought of us slips through my fingers as I attempt to hold on to every moment, before it disappears forever.

And I know that even though we had walked away from each other a long time ago, one day we will let go of each other. We will know it’s not simple. But we will pretend that it will be. And just as the rule of the world, we will let time guide us, and destiny shapes us to its wish. And one day when we will allow ourselves to think of each other, we will realize that every little thing does not start from fate, coincidence or fortune, it begins with a simple Hi.

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