March 23, 2017
By graceeneal SILVER, Austin, Texas
graceeneal SILVER, Austin, Texas
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In this huge universe with over 100 billion galaxies, I live in a galaxy with over 200 billion stars. And in this galaxy containing over 100 billion planets, I live on the 3rd planet from a star that produces enough light to sustain life. Not too hot and not too cold; the exact distance away to produce seasons, weather and give life. Coincidence?  I think not. With a nearly perfect circle orbit that keeps temperature moderate, and the moon at the perfect distance to create tides and not tsunamis, life on earth meets every specification and defies all probability.  On this planet which I call home, there are 7 large masses of land with very different landforms and culture. Of these, I live in a country full of freedom and pride. Raised in the south, in the lone star state of Texas, I grew up with God, family and lots of music. Since birth, I have resided in North Austin, in a blue house full of love and community. Although I call this my home, it is temporary. 

Each and every day, I enjoy the many things God has blessed me with in this world and try to use these gifts for His glory. There are so many beautiful things in life, including sunsets, red jolly ranchers, babies, vibrant colors, the smell of vanilla, homemade jelly, sweet people and warm sand. I could go on forever about the many things that make me smile everyday. Being thankful and living life in a way that points others to Christ is what I strive for. But most importantly, love is what I live for. The Creator of the Universe loves me and He wants me to share this love with everyone I meet. So I live life with a smile on my face and try to show people that they are cared for more than they could ever imagine. If I do that, I will have lived a full, abundant life full of love. So here I live, a seemingly microscopic 16 year old girl in a vast world, but not for forever. This is my temporary home, I will go on to the next life by Jesus’ side, but while God has me here, I live for enjoying the beauty in creation and loving others.

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