The Boy in the Orange Trunks

March 22, 2017
By , Los Angles, CA

It was a normal day. 

I was planning to go hang out with my friends at our local rec later that day. 

I was dropped off and my friends were excitedly waiting for me by the front doors. 

We all said our hellos and headed in. 

We had all planned to go swimming, with our bags over our shoulders, we headed towards the locker room.

We all changed, and headed into the pool.

The room was hot, and smelled strongly of chlorine. 

We all jumped in, ready to have fun. 

We swam to the furthest side of the pool, where no one was. 

He messed around and had fun. 

My sensitive eyes were being their normal selves, so I left to the locker room to get my goggles. 

I returned to find a boy lingering around my friends. 

He was about a year or two older. 

He was wearing bright orange trunks. 

We were hanging out and he came up to the side of the pool, and asked if he could "play". 

He said no and tried to swim away, retreating to the lazy river. 

He followed us, and wouldn't stop. 

He blocked our path eventually, telling us a joke about rape. 

I was scared, and who wouldn't be?

My friend told me he touched her on her inner thigh.

He did the same to my other friend. 

I looked up in horror to find him pulling back my friend by the arm. 

I tried to get out of the pool, and before I knew it, he was behind me, grabbing my ass. 

I rushed myself out of the pool, to find someone to help me. 

The staff did a thorough search of the locker room to find him. 

He blamed it on a little kid, who had the same name as him. 

They eventually found him, and he came out with his towel around his neck, wearing a smirk and those bright orange trunks. 

We filled out a police report, and he is now a registered sex offender. 

I haven't gone swimming since. 

And i nkw hate the color orange. 

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