Confidence Is Key

March 21, 2017
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Always hiding behind my fears; not socializing and being an introvert is how I once lived. At that point in my life, I guess I could say that I was in the beginning phase of developing my persona. With no clue as to how I became an introvert, I’m lost day and night in my consciousness wondering about as I would question myself as to why people’s opinion of me matter? How is it possible that I’m afraid to speak my mind?

Behind my back, family and friends gossip about me being anti-social. Whether it being positive or negative, I just wanted people to leave me alone and not stare as if I was some sort of science experiment with a problem which needed fixing. “The star is the limit, no one’s future is set in stone.” That’s what my father used to say whenever he realized that I was making people opinion of me shape the type of person I would become in the future.

Everything has an ending, boldly and brightly I face the world. I no longer have to wear my invincible veil around my face in public.

With time and the help of an amazing book name ‘Speak,’ I am ready to journey out into the world and uncover the mysteries which lies within. Now, I can firmly say that I’m a changed person.

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