A Nature Walk of the Seasons

March 20, 2017
By Anonymous

New York
The cool, dark tones seen from above make me feel cold yet cozy. The dark silhouettes of the bare trees contrasted by the bright white of the freshly fallen snow. The grey clouds hovering in the sky match the laurel green shade of the nearby water with thin sheets of ice floating atop. The clear black roads, free of white, weaving through the winter wonderland like a maze. Winter: this is how winter should be.

The cold breezes by but makes me feel warm. Bundled up with a warm drink, I walk down the streets of New York. I still see people enjoying the parks in this weather, which I think is one of the best times to enjoy it. The snow is comforting, reminding me of the cleanliness of nature as first comes to us, like a new season in bloom. The vivid white against the grey scene, shows a minimalistic approach to the normal view of nature.

Winter is normally a time of coming together. When you think of winter, you think of Christmas and hot chocolate and families coming together. You think of snow and cool wind rustling the bare branches the trees now have. You think of frozen lakes to go ice skating on, a comfortable typical scene straight out of a movie. All you want to do is remain warm, yet you want to stay outside and appreciate the cold that nature brings, somehow warming your heart as you come together with those you love.

Bluebonnets and other wildflowers flood the sides of the roads, leaving our roadsides to be beautiful. The local parks are in full bloom, lush with green grass and vibrant flowers bursting from the ground in an explosion of hues. Allergies come along but no one seems to care for the scene is too beautiful to complain. A time of rain to nourish our grounds. The days begin to get longer, a longer time to appreciate the lovely views.

The air is sweet with the natural smells of the wildflowers, reminding me of sunshine and good times. It’s also the nicest in spring here, the vibrant colors and semi-lush grass that we see. It's always so happy at this time.


Children playing outside with their families, animals roaming through the fields. It reminds me of a scene in a movie of a vast open green field with people just running exploring the area, enjoying what nature has to offer. It’s quite amazing to realize how beautiful things are when you really look and appreciate them. Not only does it make you happy but it gives you more to be grateful for. The sun shines down so nicely, the wind breezes by so calming, it's such a time of peace and rest that it makes you want to go outside and sit and appreciate.

Spring for me is the busiest time in the season, busy with my school work and sports as I continue my daily life. Yet I never fail to get outside. On our outdoor campus the buzz of bees and butterflies fills our ears as we walk to our next class, a nice relief from the buzzing of the day. It’s a time of happiness and light, vibrant colors, filling me with an excited tone to get me through until summer.


The bright sun beating down, the smell of grass and chlorine. The feeling to jump in the pool to escape the inescapable heat. Fresh fruit is the diet of the summer, local sweet watermelon mixed with nectarines and peaches. Tanning in the sweet sun, with the smell of sunscreen covering our bodies. Water never tastes as good as it does these summer days. Ice cream and snow cones are the desserts of the season, as you try to keep cool in the insanely hot weather.

Even if it is sizzling outside, you want to spend time in the sun and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can in summer. It's a time when no one is stressed, so you have as much time to relish the environment as you can. It’s a time of playfulness and enjoyment, and you want to cherish every minute of it.

For me, this is when I’m outdoors most in Texas. Either relaxing in Zilker Park with friends and cold snow cones, or enjoying the natural springs offered to me, I find myself to always be outside. My nose turns sunkissed by the sun as I start to gain color in my skin that I lost in the previous seasons. I am free to explore the outdoors and the wonderful summertime, spending time with my friends on those late summer nights. Even though I’m in the city I still always find myself in nature these days, relaxing and enjoying the time off. When I’m not travelling, I’m walking my dogs in the local park or just outside enjoying their company. It is a time of enjoyment and relaxation, and a time to appreciate the warmth until you lose it.


Moss greens, carmine reds, pumpkin oranges, and goldenrod yellows all around me. Hanging on trees or on the ground, it’s raining a rainbow variety of leaves. The crunch underneath my feet as I step down on one of them. You can see the sun shine through the holes where the trees become bare, leaving such a beautiful sight for us to see. The bright, broken light bouncing off of the colors of the tree and forming a picturesque representation of fall in a nutshell. Squirrels and birds scurry past along the trail to pick up food left on the ground. Apple picking is the ideal source of entertainment. All forms of life coming together in this season, giving off a warm comforting feeling.

This is how autumn is supposed to be, comfortable and warm tones of color surrounding every trodden stone path you follow. This feeling of warmth and color should follow you everywhere, causing your memories to be bright and vividly colored, yet neutral tones.

When I think of fall, I think of sitting near an outdoor fire pit, with apple cider and just talking with people I love. Telling stories or sharing memories, or just enjoying each other’s presence. It is also a time of coming together with people you love, yet in a more unified way. A time of warmth. From the weather, to the apparel, to the feeling in your heart or feeling of comfort, or the colors this season is most known for. I feel warmth when I think of fall, even though it is the transition period into the cooler weather. It is the last wave of warmness before the coldness encloses upon us, leaving us with a different type of warmth, and a different type of comfort.

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