The Wonders of Food

March 16, 2017
By daayydaayy BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
daayydaayy BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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One night I didn’t know what to eat for dinner. I looked up restaurants all around me. I didn't have a specific food in mind. As I looked this one buffet caught my eye. The picture online was so beautiful. There was so many bright colors and a variety of foods to chose from. It seemed like it was a wonderful place to eat , so there I went. As I was driving I saw a long line of people and I couldn't figure out what they were all waiting for. When I got out my car to head toward the restaurant I noticed they were going to the same place as I was. I couldn't believe how many people were there or why there were so many waiting to eat at the buffet. I almost changed my mind and ate somewhere else but this was a chinese buffet and I really wanted some. As the line got shorter and shorter I finally made it inside.  I could smell all these wonderful smells of fresh chicken,  rice and so much more. My mouth began to water as I could almost taste all the foods already. There were lots of choices to chose from I didn't even know where to began.  They even had a variety of desserts to chose from to go with the dinner meal.

Once I got to order my food i had chose fried rice, Teriyaki chicken with a variety of vegetables on the side.  They asked me if I wanted dessert and I couldn't resist so I got a chocolate mousse with chocolate lava cake topped with chocolate fudge. As I went up to pay they said my total was $36.79 and my heart dropped for a second and I thought to myself this better be worth all this money. I decided that I was gonna go home and eat instead because it was so packed. When i went to take a bite I thought I was in heaven. The taste was so unreal. I could taste all the flavors with a kick of hot to hit just the right spot. The rice was fried to a perfect point , not to hard not too soft and the vegetables completed the whole meal. I had never tasted something so good ever in my life.

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