Goodbye Grandpa Duck

March 14, 2017
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Even though you are gone, you are my favorite person. You made things fun. Even if your last days weren't. You were the life of the party. I'll never forget your funeral because you wanted to be buried in blue-jeans and your favorite T-shirt when everyone else want to wear something formal. You stood out in the world. Cody sleeps on your couch like you are sleeping with him. I think that Cody thinks you will be back because he sits by the door, barking and waiting for you.


Don't worry because I am eating your candy stash for you. Please find a way to tell Grandma Elaine happy birthday because she loves you. She misses you the most. I only regret not saying goodbye, and not getting to know you better. Amanda had a baby boy which means you have a great grandson. His name is Eli. I suggested Donald as a middle name, but you are the best Donald ever. He would have a lot to live up to though. I just hope that heaven has enough beer for you because you will give them a run for their money.


Love you,

Kayleigh W.

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