The Mystery of the Beginning

March 7, 2017

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science.”  This quote, stated by Albert Einstein, reassures one that feeling uncertain about life is acceptable.  There will always be events and situations which will be mysterious and scary for everyone at first.  The mysteriousness of the beginning of everything cannot be explained in the same way for every person; however, there are some aspects I believe can clear up this phenomena. 

I think the beginning of certain situations is, in most ways, meant to be a mystery.  The first day of high school, for example, is one mysterious beginning.  In my experience, I was terrified for my classes, finding new friends, and having endless hours of homework.  As high school continued, however, this mystery becomes solved.  I realized high school readies me for college and teaches me to be organized, responsible, and independent.  I believe high school is meant to be a mystery because it becomes an opportunity for students to figure out who they truly are as an individual and where they desire to be in life.  This leads into the mystery of the start of college.  The first day of college can be confusing and scary in some way for each student.  Feeling alone, worried about classes, and living without parents are, in a sense, part of the college experience.  These feelings are meant to be mysterious because one is not supposed to feel exactly certain about their life at this point in time.  Making mistakes and growing from them is a part of life in general, and no one should feel ashamed of failing.  If every person in the world knew exactly what their purpose was and made no mistakes, no lessons would be learned and, in my opinion, they would lead a very boring and uneventful life.  Often times, the journey in life is said to hold more importance than the destination, meaning sometimes feeling uncertain about situations or making errors along the way is perfectly okay.  To help persevere through hard times, people form relationships with others to help support them.  Sometimes, forming these relationships can feel mysterious at the start.  However, I do not think there would be a point in having friends or boyfriends/girlfriends if one already knew everything about them.  Spending time together would be pointless and unnecessary because there would be nothing to learn from each other.  Therefore, I truly believe the beginning of everything is supposed to feel mysterious and enigmatic.     

Normally, the beginning of situations in life can be mysterious for an individual, yet I believe some features help explain this phenomena.  High school, college, and forming relationships, for example, can be extremely mysterious for everyone; however, along the way, the true reason and importance of them are revealed.  Feeling confused is totally acceptable in life, and I believe the mysteriousness of the beginning of everything is meant to be experienced.              

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