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March 6, 2017
By , Middleville, MI

I never thought that I would find a best friend during high school. I have always gone back and forth between people and groups because I never really knew who to trust and who to hang around. This all changed my sophomore year of high school.


Sophomore year of high school I met my best friend Seth,  who also happens to be my boyfriend. I met Seth at young life and ever since then we have been together. I could tell when I first met him that he was a great person and he was actually someone that was a real. I was shocked by his personality and the way he acted around me at first because I wasn’t used to someone being so real. He makes me feel like I’m an actual person and that I do matter. Nobody at this school has ever done this for me until I met Seth. What I love about Seth the most is how he never judges me and is always willing to listen to me when I need someone and he makes me so happy.  I believe that he has made me a better and happier person all around.

Not many people can say they have a best friend like mine because Seth is a one of a kind and there’s nobody else like him. There’s so many things that he has taught me and so many new things that I have tried because of him. For example I tried video games because Seth likes to play them and I actually found out that they aren’t that bad. I think it’s great for people to try new things in life because you can find out more things about yourself that you didn’t know. Seth does a great job at encouraging me to try new things and to just be myself. I enjoy getting to know him and also finding out new things about myself too.

Honestly, if I didn’t have Seth in my life I have no idea what I would do. He’s literally my best friend and I would not trade him for anything in the world. He means so much to me and he always will. I believe when you find a true friend like this you should not take them for granted and keep them around because you might not get another chance to get someone like them. Finding friends is hard and I don’t think after you find them that you would want to start over again and have to try again. The reason why it’s so hard to find friends is because there are so many different types of people and you have to keep searching until you find the right ones.

He definitely completes my definition of a best friend. My definition of a best friend is someone who is always there for you and someone that you can always count on to make you happy when you are low. For example when I was going through hard time Seth would always be there for me and encourage me when other people wouldn’t. He always believes in me and he sees the good in me. I love how I can be real with him and I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I believe both people in a relationship need to be themselves and be 100% honest in order to become best friends.

True friends will always have a place in your heart and they will always be there for you. Seth will always be that person that is there for me and he will never give up on me. I am very thankful for Seth and I’s friendship. It is truly one of a kind.

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