Problems Fitting in at School

March 3, 2017
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Have you ever tried assimilation? Why do people try to assimilate all the time? What is assimilation? The meaning of assimilation is when you are actually trying to fit in, basically being somebody you're not. Struggling to fit in any ethnicity or whoever you wanna be with. Always taking a risk just to try to fit in with the right people.


I remember when I was in elementary It was very hard to fit in and it was a hard situation. Everything that I tried never seem to work out in a way. But then I realized that being someone else wasn't a good thing. I just had to be myself and not care about how others think of me. I realized that I just had to be myself and not give any freak about what people think of me. But in my school years I did have lots of trouble fitting in. It was quite difficult to find friends that actually accepted who you really are. Until finally meeting people actually cared and respected me as who I am now.       

In my school years, there were like all these ethnics who separated. They all were in there own little race. Everyone was not together like now. For example there were like Asian's, Mexican's. African american separated, None of these ethnics were combined together. Many of us had our own group and clan. That made it very hard to fit in school. Manys of the students who didn't feel like they fit in the clan. They decide to make there own group and that's how the groups started begin splitting apart and made all these ethnics separates into many.


Some students who doesn't really fit in either just stay alone or try to get people's attention. They struggle everyday just to try to fit into the exact group. Some of these students are sometimes afraid to actually wanna fit in because they sometimes over think about themselves much.

For me I was struggling in my school years, it was hard for me after my brother have graduated and I was all alone. Frightened and nervous I tried continuing without my brother. As the school year went by I was a still and shy and quiet little boy. I then started meeting all these new people as I go through the school year. As the times went by, friends came and go. It was like the hardest thing ever for me because I was like the only Asian person in that group. Others were like different ethnics moved on and same old me was still shy and lonely once again. But no matter what I will always be myself and still fit in.

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