March 2, 2017
By horsecat BRONZE, Haines Falls, New York
horsecat BRONZE, Haines Falls, New York
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I keep reminiscing about those happy times of laughs, hugs and fumbling around. They make me sad but at the same time slightly happy. Not talking to you like we used too hurts, but it hurts to talk to you. I miss the hugs and cuddles we shared and our fun conversations we had together. Waking up to good morning texts started my day, filling it with wistful thoughts and joy. Going to bed talking to you before sleeping made my dreams filled with you. Saying goodnight was hard, but our goodbyes were sweet. Our times of play lasted hours on end, filling my empty house with laughter and good times with you in my headset talking and laughing in my ear. Your laughter gave me an instant smile and heartwarming feeling. Your voice melted into my ears making me drowsy with wanting. Your giggles filled me with joy that I wanted to never forget and wished for you to never stop. I longed to be in your arms for once, knowing it was to good to be true and would never happen. I kissed your cheek, you kissed mine. I confessed a few weeks later. You had a girlfriend you never told me about. We fought. Now we barely speak, just a few words here and there, send a photo we liked or thought was funny. The conversation is never as vibrant and lively as it used to be, it doesn't stick. I miss you terribly, but I'm sure your doing just fine.

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