Beyond the Curve

February 28, 2017
By , Park Rapids, MN

I’ve traveled to the other side of the world and many different states, these adventures fell short of bringing me to heaven on earth. Until now. As I wandered around the forest, I kept my eyes open looking for inspiration. I followed the trail around a curve and stopped, immediately in awe by what laid upon my eyes.

I kept walking and when I returned to the place that took my breath away, the view astounded me once again. When I turned onto the trail I saw the golden light peaking through the trees. It shined through the branches of the trees like the gateway to heaven. Uniform trees border the trail perfectly, creating an archway to walk through. Brush behind the trees mix together like a painting of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. They dance around and blend perfectly, like God created the leaves for this moment.

Grass under my feet lays entangled and long. It lifts me up and cushions me when I fall. The blanket of grass makes my journey easier as it softens every step. Overgrown brush encloses bumps in the trail as it winds through the forest. At the end of the trail it takes a big turn and my eyes are incapable to see what waits beyond that. Although I fail to understand where the path will lead me, I must keep walking. I can’t stay where I am forever.


Anxiety fills my mind when I think about the bend in the road, I wonder if I should take this path. The trail led me to this place and forces me to make a decision. I can continue to follow the path, not knowing where I will end up but having faith that I will end up where I need to be. Or I can turn around, and explore the same scenery, the recognizable scenery. If I choose to continue down this trail and I follow it around the curve, what if I feel displeased to where it lead me? Am I allowed to turn around and change my decision?

My future holds many choices and each one will lead me down various paths. Panic fills when I try to make a choice because I want to avoid regret. Then, I wonder if any choice would be the right or wrong decision to make. My mind buzzes with curiosity to if God will still lead me to where I belong, no matter what choice I make. Maybe some of my choices will make it a harder and longer journey to end up where I need to be.

As I approach the bend in the trail, the grass beneath my feet gives me comfort. My family gives me comfort. I look at the trees as they stand unwavering, leading me to where I need to go. I soak in the beauty of the leaves dancing along the ground, bringing a smile to my face.

My family cushions my journey through life. They make the bumpy path easier to travel on and take away my fears, knowing if I fall they will be there to lift me back up. My faith stands unwavering. It always guides me and shows me where to go. My friends make me smile when I feel afraid and hesitant to continue. I know I will always be able to look at them and be filled with love and hope. When it disappears.

Soon the day will arrive where I will need to decide if I want to follow the trail, beyond the curve. When that day arrives, I aspire to be ready to do it wholeheartedly. I bear a lot of hope for when that day arrives. One day I will be ready to continue beyond the curve.

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