The City of Sin

February 24, 2017

I didn’t expect myself to ever visit the one place that is paradise for all adults; but I was very surprised to drive alongside the sign, “Las Vegas 19 miles.” It all started back in December when my uncle decided to propose to his fiancé on Christmas day, I just thought that was kind of cliché; the fact of using a holiday to propose. My uncle told my parents that him and his beloved fiancé are to get married in “the city of sin,” which I knew at the time where that was all because of watching hangover part one though two.

In a sense I thought just my parents were going for the week because they have gone on cruises and have been to Vegas many times because of something called Roller-Con. Well I was wrong because they took me and my two younger siblings which at the time were 14 and 8, not the ideal age to be taking children to a place full of crime, drugs, bad decisions, and casinos. Even so me and my brother were mature, smart, and well aware of what happens in the city of sin, which is why that trip took a week off school for us.

My mother is a pretty smart person, just like a genius.  She of course knew the rules of the city and knew that well a place full of adults and it being a hot vacation spot, there’s bound to be stuff for kids/teens to do. No doubt my mother was right; other than the great sightseeing of many casinos, especially the Luxor hotel/casino, we got to stay in the Riviera hotel/ casino. The casino was very old and I mean the Riviera was opened on April 20, 1955, and was taken down no less than twenty months ago, a hotel that lasted over sixty years. 

Of course this was my first experience of the whole “Vegas life,” which for me seeing this entire place first hand was amazing, and tiring. Since we hardly drove to places, there was more walking than anything else, because of the many buildings that were very close, so close some just required another door to open, while others had a bridge to cross. If I could remember the name of this really fancy restaurant I would tell you where to get the best wings, and I don’t mean like boneless wings, mean the fanciest platter of wings I have ever seen. Covered in delicious outer shell, the center is boneless, with a spicy dipping sauce I set your taste buds on fire.

The was the best part out of the trip because everything I tasted was so exquisite, yet traveling to see dolphins do amazing tricks, magicians do street magic, going inside a hotel to see a mini zoo exhibit, and to see sharks from the inside of a tank; through a slide of course. If anyone ever said that there is nothing that the city of sin can’t offer to a child or teen, you may want to look at some brochures because there are so many exciting things to go out and do, just like the inside of a roller coaster park at the top of a hotel.

We got to experience the city of sin at night which is when it looks amazing. All the lights are flickering in a fashion that brings joy to those who gamble of course. I just loved it because I could stare out my window and see stars on the floor below me. The best mini show to watch was the Bellagio next to Caesars Palace. My father had the best experience on the last night we were there because whomever ran the show decided to play old school Michael Jackson, Beat It. I wish I could watch that show again but my phone broke a month after that trip; all of my memories from that trip are visibly on the phone, but are still in my head.

Leaving the city of sin was very weird and by weird, I just mean because after a week of being out and celebrating in the best way, I’m now heading home to my friends and back to my boring old school life. But I was excited to finally go home; and not just because of my comfy bed, but because while I was in the hotel I got a text about someone I had a crush on back home, who had some interest in me. I won’t go to forward with that story, I may just save it for another long read, all because it really had a rollercoaster and a two-week long cliff hanger that I thought was just going to hit rock bottom within a few short days.

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