The Best Gift Ever

February 23, 2017
By lschlachter BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
lschlachter BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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I was in the store looking at Christmas presents with my brothers. Ethan said, “I saw that on TV. It looks so cool!”

“It does look cool. Mom, can we have it for Christmas?” I asked.

Tyson said, “It’s the coolest gift ever. Can we have it please?”

‘This toy has it all, two hot wheel cars, batteries and tracks,’ I thought. Tyson was the most mesmerized by the toy, and he actually started whining unless he could have it. Anything that made two hot wheel cars crash was a gift any kindergartener, third grader, and fifth grader would want. The crisscross crash had one lane, and when a car was put in, the car would start going down the track and the track intersected itself four times. When two cars were put on the track, they would eventually hit each other, and one would crash out of the toy, while the other would keep going. We all three kept walking looking at other toys such as Nerf Guns and bikes which we all wanted as well, but we all three knew we really wanted the crisscross crash.

When we arrived home, Ethan and I started talking, I asked, “Do you think mom and dad will buy it for us for Christmas?”

Ethan said, “Logan, do you really think they’ll buy it for us. All they buy for us is clothes and the gifts we don’t want.” Tyson walked in as Ethan was finishing what he was saying, so Ethan and I didn’t want Tyson to know that Santa wasn’t real. I knew that Santa wasn’t real because of one of Ethan’s friends talked some sense into me, but Tyson didn’t need to know that Santa wasn’t real.

The next day, we went to the mall and sat on Santa’s lap, mostly for pictures, and told him what we wanted for Christmas. Ethan said that he wanted an airsoft gun, a Nerf gun, a football, and a titanium necklace. Tyson was next; he said that he wanted crisscross crash and a Nerf gun as well. I didn’t want to copy saying that I wanted crisscross crash because if he wanted it I thought we would get it, so I said that I wanted a football and a bike.
On Christmas Eve, I went to our room and prayed that I would get what I wanted and the crisscross crash. When we woke up in the morning, we went through all of our presents and no crisscross crash. We had received clothes, Nerf guns, airsoft guns and no crisscross crash. Then, we went to our grandparents’ house, and it gave me hope. I hoped they would’ve loved me enough to give me the one gift I/we wanted the most.

We had torn through all of our gifts with our cousins while taking pictures after we open every present. We all three went home with long faces because we didn’t see the crisscross crash. When we went inside thinking it was time to go to bed since it was 9 o’clock at night, my father brought something out of the closet. We tore it open and saw it was crisscross crash! We started playing with it instantly, and our parents let us stay up all night. That Christmas we felt fulfilled because we received the gift we wanted.

The author's comments:

I can remember this like it was yesterday and still have the gift in my room.

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