Always Listen to Your Mother

February 23, 2017

Over the past sixteen years of my life, I have grown to be a very independent person. This can be both good and bad in the sense that I am able to do things on my own, yet at times struggle with taking advice from others. Sometimes, hearing what other people have to say can be one of the hardest things to do. However, getting advice from the people who care about you can impact your life in great ways. Because of this, I began realizing that my mom’s guidance throughout my life has never steered me wrong. This is why I believe you should always listen to your mother.


This belief has not been easy to realize. It has taken endless amounts of times in which I decided to go against what my mom had to say, and later discovered that she was right. I think we can all agree that admitting your mom was right is always a hard thing to do. But what else are you supposed to say when you are standing outside in the freezing cold, shaking because you did not wear that extra jacket she told you to wear?

When I was twelve years old, I had the experience of a lifetime. However, I would have missed out if it wasn’t for my mom. She had been planning a trip to Turkey for work and offered to bring my sister and I along with her. When I first heard about this opportunity, I was terrified. I had never been out of the country before. I thought to myself, “is she crazy?” My mom then began to say, “you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.” After going back and forth with my own thoughts, I decided to go on the trip. And boy, was she right. Going to Turkey will forever be one of my greatest memories and I am thankful I got to visit that amazing country.

I do admit to being stubborn at times. However, I know it is hard for my mom to criticize when I act this way because she sees a part of her personality in me. This is why I have realized that when my mom tells me something, it is only because she wants what is best for me. At times, you may feel as if your mom is your worst enemy. For example, if you ask to go out with your friends and she says no. I believe she is not doing this to torture you, but because she cares. It is a natural instinct in which us women inherit from our moms. These lessons we learn from our mothers will be passed down for generations. It is a way for a family of strong women to be connected forever.

Of course, you may not always listen. You are going to do what you want and make mistakes along the way. Instead of dwelling on the past, I feel it is important to remember what you learned so you can possibly teach a child of your own one day. Valuable lessons take time to understand. Believe it or not, us teenagers might not know as much as we think we do. This is why it is important to listen to what your mom has to say. I guarantee my mom still has a great deal of knowledge to teach me. However, I have grown to appreciate everything she has taught me thus far. Finally, I believe it is time to say thank you, mom.

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