When Sports Can Be More Than Just Fun

February 22, 2017
By juangonzalez123 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
juangonzalez123 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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He is knocked down on the ground as he is in excruciating pain. “ I need to take a timeout for a while” Mr. Larson said my fifth grade teacher as he flops down onto the bench. He looked as white as a swan and looked like he was ready to pass out. We were playing kickball as a class and we were having a fun time as we all didn't want to go back inside and work on classwork and as my friend Jesse is ready to kick the ball and when he kicks it's heading towards Mr. Larson who is facing the other way and as he is struck right on the back and falls to his knees. The class is shocked and in fear. Jesse stands there as if he was paralyzed and unable to speak. Mr. Larson stands up with the help of my fellow classmates.         


He doesn't say anything for the next two minutes but then we all thought he would be mad like a volcano erupting but his face doesn’t turn red like a volcano at all.  “ Just keep playing class, I am fine and Jesse just watch where you're kicking that ball all right?”  He nods his head in relief that he won't be in trouble. We keep playing for about another hour and it's a tied score of nineteen to nineteen and the game starts to become very intense. Its Jesse’s turn one of the best kickers on my team and definitely one of the fastest runners of are class and everyone wanted him on their team. He was ready stretching his legs ready to break the tiebreaker. The pitcher throws the ball and jesse kicks the ball but he didn't realize in time where that ball was heading once again and he stood in fear like he has just turned into a statue very pale statue.                


Mr. Larson was talking with a fellow teacher and turns around and doesn't realize once again where that ball was headed and “ Pow” was the sound we all heard as we stop the game and we knew now that Jesse was done for. Mr.Larson was hit right in the sensitive spot and was on the ground once again only this time he looked red as a tomato. He for some strange reason doesn't look very mad he looks more like he is laughing instead of being extremely mad. Jesse runs and hides under a bush hoping he wasn't going to be in trouble for hitting him with the kickball not just once but twice. Mr. Larson after a couple of minutes finally gets up and says “ I think we should he inside now guys don't you think so? We wanted to keep playing but we all knew and realized that maybe we had enough of playing this fun game and that Mr. Larson has gone through a lot in just about thirty minutes of a game that is supposed to be fun but ended with a lot of surprises and painful experiences.       


Once we head into the classroom and as we all sit down exhausted from all of the exercise and fun. He grabs the ball from the pitcher and throws it out the classroom window into a trash can outside of the school. We were confused on why he did that and we all thought he wasn't mad just a little irritated and some of us were scared by the crashing noise the ball made into the can. He just smiled as he said “ Don’t worry guys I will get a new one one and a more safe ball for us to play with”  We all smiled and we couldn't wait for tomorrow so we could play once again.

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i hope people have a little laugh from this

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