Wound for Water

February 22, 2017
By istme BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
istme BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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I was thirsty and going for some water but ended up with a chunk of meat. It was just one of those weekend nights, I was talking to my friends and playing my favorite game, Dead by Daylight. I could play this game for hours on hours, no problem, actually one problem is I need food and water. Then my normal human functions kick in reminding me that my mouth is dry from talking, focusing, and not drinking in like 10 hours, so I decided that it was a good time to get some water. I pick up my water bottle and head to the kitchen, I don’t want weird tasting tap water, cause I’m royalty, so I grab plastic bottles from the fridge. I realise one is extremely cold and actually was mostly frozen, I want that big ice cube thing for my own, and normal ice cubes won’t cut it . So I grab a sharp, serrated kitchen knife from the drawer and grab the bottle from the top in my left hand with the knife in my right. I start going to work the the thin bottle, whatever is left of the ice cold water in the bottle spills out on the counter as I cut down from the bottom. I start working my way up the middle and the knife falls into a curve in the bottle and gets stuck, not thinking I force it too hard and the knife slips from the crevice, and I forcefully put the knife about an inch into the webbing between my index finger and pointer finger. Instinctively I yank the knife out of my hand and throw it out of anger, not realizing the damage I have done. After I come out of my daze, I yell out profane words of my choice as I look at my own shaking, bloody hand, confused and somewhat angry of what I just did. But fear overpowered both of those feelings,  with thoughts running in my head about if I cut a tendon or artery. I go to my parents room and show my mom, who laughs at my panicky attitude while I am sitting there wondering if I have to get stitches, and she doctors me up. But before all the stuff goes on, I have to take a picture of the cut, so people believe that there was basically a hole into my hand, and to keep as a weird memory. The cut, as deep as it was, was lacking blood and barely a nosebleed amount came out. After talking to my dad and him reassuring me that I didn’t need stitches if I didn’t want to get them, and it would take up too much of my time anyway. I calmed down. But we still called the family pediatrician to get a professional opinion, who just told us the same thing. We ended up just putting ointment, butterfly bandages, and wrapping it up tightly daily, only unwrapping to air it and clean it out. It was all convenient though, my hand was wrapped up tight in a perfect position so I could still play instead of just sitting on the couch and watching TV. Proving that nothing can stop me from playing games, even being stabbed *if accidentally cutting yourself counts*. But I still had to endure being reminded by my friends jokes of the time I stabbed my own self in the hand trying to get ice from a water bottle. To be fair though, you would think I would know better after this has happened on several occasions.

The author's comments:

I am a very clumsy boy.

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