A Meal to Remember

February 22, 2017
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The wait was over. Was everything everybody said about it as good as it would be, and was the wait really worth it, or is it just an overrated fast food restaurant.

This all started with a crazy idea that I never thought I would be able to do at my age; which was go to california. This crazy idea led me to being on an airplane with my sister, brother, and my dad. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We flew over the Grand Canyon which was so beautiful. We stayed in San Fran for a couple days, and we lived in a sketchy hotel in ChinaTown. In San Francisco we walked the Golden Gate bridge, went to alcatraz and did an audio tour, went to go see the redwoods and eat In and Out.

After a long day of walking, we walked even more in the streets of San Fran. Along the streets you couldn’t escape the smell of smoke, but view of the city made up for it. The walk to get to In and Out was far, but once I saw the big yellow and red sign that read In and Out I got really excited. I had never heard of In and Out before the trip but once I did, I realized how popular it was.

The smell of burgers and fries filled my nose as we walked in. There was a guy who worked there, behind the counter he was shouting out numbers for people who were waiting for their food. The amount of people was crazy, it was the busiest fast food restaurant I had ever seen, there was no empty tables and the line was so long. I had no idea what to order, but I ended up getting the vanilla milkshake medium fries and a burger with everything except for pickles. There was a food court outside behind In and Out, and other restaurants. So my dad told us to find a table out there because there was any empty tables inside. So my brother and I attempted to squirm our way through the crowded restaurant to claimed a table outside.

We sat there for about 20 minutes in silence on our phones, and I wanted to make conversation with my brother but I knew if I did he would ball his hand up into a tight first bring his arm up and punch me with the boniest part of his knuckles, so that my arm would go numb after just one punch. So I sat on the wobbly metal chair on an uneven brick patio, which felt like forever. The food court was not as nice as you would think, there was birds everywhere eating the leftover scraps from the people before, and cigarette butts buried into the brick patio from people walking over them.

I went inside, because I was tired of waiting and I wanted to know how much longer I would have to wait. The restaurant was as chaotic as when I had left it, it was even hard to find my dad who was 6’4. My sister found me and gave me the drinks and told me to take it outside and wait. Another long time had passed and I looked up and saw my sister and my dad walking over with a tray of food. I looked at the food with amazement as if I had never seen food before. I picked up my cheeseburger and salivated in my mouth, as the sauce dripped down my hand. I took a big bite into the many layers of flavor and with every chew made the time I had to wait go away. The milkshake was so rich and creamy and the fries were salted perfectly. Time seemed to fly by so fast and the next thing I knew it I had inhaled the food, and it was gone.

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