Dear Future Wife

February 22, 2017
By brandonscott32 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
brandonscott32 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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Dear future wife, 

I have a passion for cars and trucks; it has always been something I’ve enjoyed.

My life plan is to own a car shop, come home, relax, and be able to go out to the garage together and work on my truck. I would much rather be working on a vehicle instead of being at a fancy restaurant or sitting at home watching tv. In my life, I plan to own many trucks and cars. My pride and joy will be my Chevrolet Silverado 3500 that I will be building into one of the top show trucks at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I know it will seem like I will work on my trucks or cars more than care about you, well you might be right. The only reason I say that is because I know you will care about them just as much as I do. I know very well you might have days that you will be mad at me for the amount of hours that I’m out in the garage working on the trucks or cars. Just know that I’m doing it because it is my passion and I know you will understand, but I will also allow you as much time as you need to spend with me.

I may get stressed out on certain days because I’ve been working too long and I know you will see those days. Those will be the days that I step away from the cars and trucks and spend time with you. I want to be able to have a truck where me and you can go through the trails, get some mud on the tires, and once the lights from the stars and moon come out, hop in the bed of the truck to watch the night in all its darkness. Then we’ll watch as the dark fades into light and head to the little diner in town to get a little plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. Once we’re done, we’ll hop in the truck and find the closest dirt road that will bring us home.

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