The Killer Lawnmower

February 22, 2017

It all happened so fast, It was pain then screaming as it all flashed before my eyes and the next thing I know I'm in the hospital. I woke up, just like any other Saturday and went downstairs and ate my breakfast while watching Spongebob with my little brother. My dad came and told me to finish my food quickly and come outside to help him fix a leak in the roof. I finished quickly, got my shoes on and went outside to help my dad and watch him use his magical powers to fix the roof. He took out the old roofing where it was leaking and put down some tar then rolled out the new roofing. He put a couple nails and washers in the center into the new roofing so it will stick and not get ruined that fast. When we were done he told me to take the tools back to the garage. On my way to the garage I accidently dropped the bucket of nails and washers. I picked all of them up, at least I thought I did. I put them in the garage and went inside to finish watching my show.

After a couple hours, it was 4:00pm, and the sun had gone down a bit. My dad came to me again and said that the grass needed to be mowed so I told him that I will be out in a couple minutes. I went outside and my dad already had started the lawn mower and started mowing. I took over for him as he went to water the plants. Not even a minute passed and I was laying on the ground screaming in agony. My mom and dad rushed to me to see what happened and all the saw was the blood gushing from my leg and a washer laying on the ground full of blood. They wrapped it with an old cloth and put me in the car. They drove me to the hospital and where they gave me some medicine to sooth the pain. It kind of help. They took the to the room and said the doctor will be in shortly. The translation of that is “he will be within in an hour or so”. We waited and waited and waited until a nurse came in and asked me if I like basketball or soccer and of course I said basketball. She left to go get something and came back after 5 minutes with some cotton and a cotton basketball cut in half. She said I should put the cotton in the middle and tie the two sides together. She said this would keep me busy for the rest of the time.

I finished the pillow and put it aside and the doctor came in right at that time, it's like he knew I finished the pillow. It was like clockwork. He started talking to my mom while I was eagerly trying to eavesdrop to know what were talking about and what he was going to do. All I heard was “needles” and “a little pain”. The doctor left to get the supplies he needed to numb the wound. He came back with a long needle. I didn't like needles, they scared me because they were long and pointy but he had to numb it to stitch it up, I got ready, I held my mom's hand and looked away in terror as he stuck the needle in the wound. It hurt a lot but I held back my tears and held my moms has harder. He was finally done. We had to wait another 10 minutes just for the medication to go into action. He came back and this time with an assistant, the nurse that game me the basketball pillow. She was pushing a huge cart full of tools and needles and string and cotton and a wrap to put on when he was done. A few needles and 7 stitches later I was all done and ready to go.

When I went home, My dad and brother asked if I was ok and I said “I'm fine.” and I went to bed. A week later they had to cut the stitches so we went back to the hospital, “snip snip” and I was out the door in a jiffy. I went back home and started playing basketball, it had been 1 week, a long time since I've been able to run and jump and play around.

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