Why Do Girls Always Fall for the Bad Boys?

February 19, 2017
By Anonymous

They are what's familiar, they make you feel great yet so bad. They know how to make you happy, when they know they get something in return. Once they are done they have no problem crushing your heart. Then when your almost over them, but still broken hearted. They swoop in to "save" the broken Heart. They pretend to mend it. They throw out their line and hook it in a crack of your broken heart. They pull it snug, it feels like healing to us. Once they see that the hook is in good and tight, that they are no longer getting what they want... They give that hook a nice yank. It drags across the mending heart, ripping old wounds open again and creating new ones. It pulls pieces of your heart away, that can never be replaced. Just when you think the damage has been done, he pulls the line away, with a little piece of your heart still attached to that hook. The hook that once felt like a needle and thread was the knife doing the Damage. Leaving her worse than she was before. To a long road to recovery, she is thrown into the sea of men. She is wounded and the sharks know, its up to her to find a safe place or look to another shark to "heal" her broken heart.

That's why a bad boy is so easy to fall for and once your stuck you are stuck.

The author's comments:

My recent break up inspires this piece, along with my history of ex boyfriends. Where a bad boy is a nice title of your boyfriend it only means one thing for the girl in the end. A broken heart, that bad boys can pick out. They are like sharks, instead of blood they smell it is the smell of a damsal in distress

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