Feedback: "Drop the Label"

February 17, 2017

When I finished reading “Drop the Label” by “Alice,” I thought to myself, Wow; Alice and me have kinda of the some connection, but for different reasons.  I can still kinda relate to her and I wonder how it is now for her after all people change their minds as they grow.  Other than that what got my interest in this article and pulled me into reading it more was the beginning when she put us in her shoes by putting this in her article for the beginning “Are you middle-eastern? African? Indian? Indonesian? I told you, I really don’t know. I've never known and I never will.  My parents are both citizens of the United Kingdom, as am I, but besides that I am uncertain where my heritage lies because my mum was adopted and never found her birth parents. As a result, this awkward conversation happens frequently in my daily life.” When I read that, it pulled me into read more because my mom was also adopted and my dad is unknown.  All I know about my mom is that she was a selfish person who never really cared about anyone or anything but herself and her drugs.  Along with that she also used to abuse me and she never really cared about us and always thought we were burdens and she never even wanted us to begin with so she did suicide with drugs in order to abandon.  In a result I don’t know anything about myself really except for my age birth of date and where I was born other than that I know nothing else about myself.  That's my connection with Alice and when she says in her text.  I am uncertain where my heritage lies because my mum was adopted and she never really know or find out who her real birth parents I thought so I'm not really the only one in the world who doesn’t know their heritage and when people ask them what our race or heritage is we have no answer because we don’t know what we really are, but does it really matter?  I think not but it would be great to know what you really are, but if you do know what you are or at least find out what you are all it’s going to change is the way you feel inside.  In some way it may surprise you if your heritage or race in all is something you would never suspected.  That's why I'm trying to figure who and what I really am but some people just don’t want to know because of their own reasons. I don’t care what heritage or race people are because I think people should only know your dislikes and your likes but I still want to know who and what I really am.

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