Losing the Battle

February 15, 2017
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A vibrant and lively 32 year old lived in one of America’s largest and most thriving cities.  Her life was full of opportunity and love, she had no reason for fear at all.  That was all true until a lousy day in 2009, where everything began to change.  She had been feeling odd for a while and eventually had to go to the doctors.  It's amazing how full of life someone could be while going through so much pain at the same time.  Not that she ever thought it'd be something as horrible as it really was. 

She got the news of the C word, something so unfathomable to an adult like her.  It was called nasopharyngeal, a type of nose cancer.  It wasn't well-known by any means, but it was still Cancer. 

This disease is something that can not be stopped.  It exists in people of all ages, people who do not deserve half of the pain they go through because of this stupid word.  This girl was no different.  She went through much pain and suffering while being the amazing and vibrant woman she was.  Countless treatments and medicines were administered that sometimes even added to the pain.  She had to make regular visits back to her hometown to receive the best medical care her parents could find.  Eventually, it was over.  The agony and adversity she has endured was done; she was cured.  This woman contained so much strength that she got herself through it all.
Just when she thought it was finally over, it was not.  The numerous check ups started showing bad signs, and all of a sudden it was back.  All of the hurt was coming straight back to her, like it never left in the first place.  This time it was much worse, and continued to get much worse.  The treatments and medicines increased in intensity and amount, becoming even less bearable, if that was even possible.  Although she was an incredibly tenacious girl, it became too much for her.  She had to move back to that hometown of hers and leave the life she loved living.  She started to break and the Cancer started to win the battles.  She started losing basic functions like sight, something most of the world could never think about losing.  And then, after everything she had lost already, she lost her battle and her life.  The fight became too much for her; she was finally done suffering, for good this time.

This girl’s name was Jayna.  She was my mom's cousin and best friend for their whole lives.  Naturally, when I was born she became one of my best friends.  On June 6th, 2011 one of the people we cherished most in the world was taken away from us.  At the time of these events, I was seven to nine years old and did not completely comprehend what was happening.  At this point in my life, I would like to think that I understand a lot more about what happened, but the truth is, I will never fully understand this tragedy.  But the one thing that has not changed is that Jayna will always be a part of me, and I will never stop missing her.

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