The Day I Broke My Toe

February 15, 2017
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My is Jason I have short brown hair brown eyes tall  and my brothers name is Branden  he is small has brown hair and eyes just like me my mom and dad. The main part was in my house there was a lot of people in my house my mom, dad aunt uncle both my grandfathers and my grandmother. And all my cousins   It  was my 9th birthday I was running around when i was told not to and the floor i was running was hard wood not carpet so if i fall it is going to hurt a lot. I had socks on which makes it slippery. So  all of my family was there so my brother was chasing me around the house. I was running down the hallway and into my living room I run back into the hallway I slip and fall down of the ground but where i fell was another side hallway where we keep of of are extra stuff so it don’t get in the way. When I fell I slided into the corner  of the closet door Smack i hit my toe on the hardwood floor.


So the day after I go to the doctor and they do an xray to see if it broken because they could not tell. So they do the x ray and my toe is broken but they can't do anything about it because it is not a major injury. So what my doctor did was buddy tape my two toes together. The bad thing about this is that it hurt alot so I was on crutches because I could not put any pressure on the foot or it would mess up the toe and it would not heal right. After that I had to weigh a couple of weeks for it to heal.

At the time did not know it was broken my teacher saw that I was limping. So she told my mom my mom bring me to the doctor office. They look at my x ray it was broken. After i got off crutches I was walking like normal. Still to this day I wonder how that broke my toe I must have fell the wrong way. I hated being on them because I could not do anything, Like play outside. I hope that i don't break my toe again because I will have to miss school it’s just a big mess when that happen and nobody could step on the foot because that would make it worst.  The only thing I could do is watch t.v and play video games and that is what I did until it healed.  Overall it was on a fun experience for me. After all it is a good thing that I did not have to go to the hospital.  When all this happened the doctors could do nothing for me.

When I went to the doctor's office to check out if it was really broken or not I was waiting for the nurses to call my name once they did i got scared because I have never broken a bone before. I walk into the room sit down take off my shoe and sock. The nurse walks out and told me and my mom to wait. Slam goes the door because my doctor just walk in. At this point I was scared because I have never used crutches before. My mom thought is was not ready for them yet. When I went back to school somebody step on my foot ouch!!!. So the only way I can get home I have to get picked up by mom or dad. The number one thing i hated was being inside all day I wish I could play outside but if I fell my doctor would be mad.

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