How to Make Good Choices in Life

February 15, 2017
By dakota2018 BRONZE, Malborro, Massachusetts
dakota2018 BRONZE, Malborro, Massachusetts
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When i think of make good choices in life and not make it more difficult. I think of the law and what i should follow and how things could ruin my life. Not everything you do can be good there are some things that you can get yourself into a lot of trouble but at the same time could save your life in many ways. How to Make good choices in life and not make it more difficult.


When making good choices you should make sure u have the right idea that is goes with the law.Try not to get caught if it is a bad way so that u end up in jail Never do something stupid so that u end up in the back of a cop car and get silver bracelets Read up on the laws for ur age to see what u should follow at least for ur age and then go from there Some people think it's okay to do the total opposite of the law and get away with it well that's not the case.

Steps to help
Read the laws

To find out about the laws you could either go online Or ask someone that would know about the laws

Read it parts that you think are most important and not all at once
Some of the  reading might be more harder to understand than others because of who ever is the person to write the website
Be good to what's around you
            Keep yourself and others safe don't make a mess and just leave it there
Keep the environment clean
Stay green.
Be respectful to others
            Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't make fun of anyone if u dont want it to happen to yourself
Don't treat anything with disrespect 
            Show others that they should be
themselves and not anyone else's. Remember everything has feelings and it's not okay to hurt them 
Other things
Either follow the laws or go to jail
            Do good with the laws or u will be behind metal bars and i don't think that it is a good thing
Don't test cops
            Never try and escape or the cops will end up doing a speed chase and then they would end up getting to the point of getting you finely
Dont speed 
            Go the speed that is posted or go 5 under the speed limit if you go over the speed by 5 that's not too bad but after that every 10 is $100 fine
Never drink and drive
           If you decide to drink make sure you know you have someone that is not drink that can drive you or have a place to stay and then drive home the next day when you're not drinking
Never do any drug
           If you're under the age of 18 don't do drugs because drugs can do something bad to your body and you could end up in some big trouble
Don't try and run away from something you did wrong
            If you did something bad why not just admit to it because if you don't and you try and run away and hide from it you can get into so much more trouble then you would be if you told them the truth
What could happen if you do something bad.
Go to jail
Get a ticket
Get arrested
Get fined
Get house arrested
In pound your motor vehicle
Get arrested for fake ids
Get charged with misdemeanor
Felony charges
           Can be very dangerous physical harm to someone
Loose drivers license
Fake passports can lead to a very harsh consequence then a fake licence
Things can end up in records for a short or long period of time depending on what you did wrong and depending on courts
Go to court
Effect getting a job
Trying to use a friends id can get both you and that friend into trouble
The legal process is a nightmare
Even when not busted it can put you and anyone else into serious risks
Giving up on ur ssi
Lose ground on your credit report
Declare bankruptcy

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