When a Nail Got Stuck in My Foot

February 15, 2017
By Jorgeporras BRONZE, Marlbrough, Massachusetts
Jorgeporras BRONZE, Marlbrough, Massachusetts
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It was a Tuesday in the summer and it was burning hot outside in Marlborough and my friend Paulo came sprinting to my house. Also the sun was brighter than ever before and the birds were singing. All around people were making barbecue around the block. The air felt like it was summer and felt like sunshine.He told me that we should get our water guns so we could get refresh by the cold water that we would put in them. I said “that's a good idea” and went to grab my water gun in my garage. It was a long time since I used  my water gun so it took me a very long time to find it in the garage. I had to plunged on a stool and reach for it.The garage looked like a hurricane passed by because of how dirty it was. The garage smells like a junker because of all the old things. Before I could meet Paulo I have to gross little path that had many twigs, dirt, and trees.

All through the path I smelled natural all around me.  I told paulo that we should call his brother Marcelo so we could have more people to spray with cold water. He said “I'll go tell him that were outside”; I told him that I would stay here and finishing fill up the water guns so we would be good to play once his brother came outside to grab his water gun. The sun was getting hotter every hour and all you could see is the sun rays. There was one thing I forgot to do before I went to play outside; the thing I forgot  to do was the put water shoes/socks so I couldn't get hurt from nails or a little branches on the floor.I told myself that I would be fine without socks on my feet because the land was flat and I couldn't see anything that could hurt my feet.Also the land seemed very clean meaning it was clean for miles. Paulo and Marcelo came rushing and leaping outside and I totally forgot about going to put on some socks because they came outside and said they were ready to play and I just wanted to get ready to play and got refreshed. Then we grabbed our water guns and I told them that at the end who was wetter loses and the one that is least wet wins. We all agreed with that and we all went in our hiding spots so we could get ready to get ready and use the water guns.

Everyone was having fun and sprinting around for hours but it started to get a little late and we all were tired so Paulo said “Let's go inside guys”. I wanted to play a little more so I told them to play more. They responded by saying it's fine by just a little longer because they were getting tired and it was getting dark outside and people were going to sleep. We were about to go inside but I felt that something just stuck in my foot. I felt that something just poke in my foot and the world just stop for me when I felt the nail. At first I thought it was tree branch but in the inside I knew that it was a nail.In the inside I was screming but I didnt want to screm very loud becuase many people were sleeping at the time. Everything stop for me in the moment meaning the birds stop singing and the sun just disappeared. At first I thought a small little twig got stuck in my foot. I was scared to look down because I didn't want anything stuck on my foot. I looked at my right foot and there it was a small little nail and I thought I have lost a toe or something because I heard , many stories of people losing toes or a foot. The first thing I was to sit down because I didn't want to step on it more because I just wanted it to get out of my foot. When I sat down I pulled it out but it didn't come out the first time. The next time I pulled it with all the force I had and it came out and it landed on the floor. It hurt very much that I felt the my whole foot was going to I told Paulo to throw it out in the garbage so no one could step on it like I did. I lift my foot and saw the hole that the nail left in my foot. My foot was bleeding and my foot had a hole in the middle of it ; I didn't know what to do to stop the bleeding.

  Paulo told me to put pressure to the foot so it could stop the bleeding with my hand. Marcelo had to go jogging to go inside to get a bandage to cover the hole and the bleeding. All I could hear is my screaming because I thought that I would lose a toe or something. The blood was all over the floor.The blood mixed with the water so made the blood show up more on the floor. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to walk home so I asked Paulo to walk me home because each step I took it hurt more and more and it was very dark that no one was outside anymore. Paulo said that he will help me to get back home. Marcelo came outside with the bandage and rubbing alcohol so the hole in my foot wouldn't be infected. I grabbed some alcohol and rubbed it with my hand it was burning but I kept doing it for a while even though it hurt a lot and it was burning. Then I grabbed the bandage and put it on my foot.I grabbed my sandals that I brought with me and held them on my hands.

I told Paulo I was ready to go home so he help me to get up. Most of the way home was painful because every step I took it burned more and more each time also I didn't remember anything on the way there because there was so much pain in my foot. When I finally reached my front door of my house I was happy because I could just lay on my bed instead of walk anymore.When I was going up the stairs I fell because I had a lot of pain in the foot. I was so glad to back home seeing  the porch that I always walk on to get inside my house.All I could hear is pretty much nothing because everything was Quiet on my street and my home. I knocked on my door and my dad opened the door and asked “What happened to you”. I told him that I stepped on a nail and that Paulo helped me get home. All I wanted to do is go  jogging upstairs and rest of the entire of the day. I didn't want to hurt myself so I decided to take it easy.  When I went up the stairs I saw white paint of my house the rooms in my house. I walked upstairs slow because it was very painful and was burning to go upstairs to lay on my bed and to fall asleep.

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