Cape Cod Trip

February 15, 2017
By , Boston, MA

It started when our whole family decided to take a family trip to this campground in Cape Cod. Family means everyone is coming grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. These big family trips don't really happen often. My family which is my brother and my mom and dad agreed to drive up to the cape Friday night. It took us about two hours to get there. Friday night was raining really bad and windy. From Friday to Saturday afternoon people were coming into the campground. I heard that the traffic was so bad Saturday morning because my cousins were driving up it took them four hours instead of two. We had the weekend planned like what we were going to do.
On Saturday we didn't really do much because people were coming up at different times. So what we did was go to the beach. From the campground there was a long curvy sand path all the way to the beach. The path was about a mile. The path had sand on it so you could walk. The beach that we went to had shark signs all over it and it said to keep an eye out for them because there are a lot in Cape Cod. When we first go there not a lot of people which was surprising because it was Saturday. There was this big sand hill that you needed to go down to get to the beach. It was hard to carry the bags and go up and down the hill. When we were sitting on the beach we saw something in the water swimming but I didn't look like a person. We heard someone say it was a sea turtle but it didn't look like one. Then it kept coming closer to shore and it came out of the water and it was seal. Because it was a seal that meant there was a higher chance of sharks being around. About thirty minutes later we heard someone yell “SHARK” “OUT OF THE WATER” “SHARK” We all got up from our towels and was worried that someone was swimming in the water. Luckily the water was very cold and no one was swimming. We all took out our phones and cameras to take a picture of this shark. The shark was gray with a big fin. About an hour after we saw the shark we saw boats looking for it. When we were about to leave we saw the 7 news boston truck there. When we walked back to the campground we had a good story to tell to everyone. That night made a fire and had s'mores. It was cold and the fire was helping with the heat. At about eleven o’clock everyone was tired and ready to go to bed.
The next morning we all woke up at different times. The office of this campground opened at eight o’clock. The campground had these bike go karts kind of thing. You would sit on them a regular bike but it had four wheels. All of the cousins took them so we had about  twenty people on these riding around the campground. We didn't really do anything on that Sunday because everyone wanted to leave early so we didn't hit the Sunday night traffic. It took about an hour and a half to get home. That was the story of when me and my family went to a campground in Cape Cod.   

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