February 14, 2017
By Juan13 BRONZE, Middleveille , Michigan
Juan13 BRONZE, Middleveille , Michigan
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 I can’t wait for this year’s summer. Summer is my favorite time of year where you get to go outside and do anything you want with friends, family with the amazing weather. This year my summer is going to be amazing, I have a lot of things in mind.


First off spend time with my family, we as a family like to have cookouts and invite all of my closet’s family. My dad likes to cook on the grill and the food he makes is delicious. Some of the food he grills is chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and all that good stuff. We like to spend time and talk to my family which we barely and summer time is the time to do it.

Second every year we just can’t wait for the fair to come. We take my older sister and cousins to ride with them. Everything is fun about the fair the games, the rides, and even watching other people have fun is exciting. You can hear people screaming when you’re just about to walk in the fair you can taste the food in your mouth you can smell all this different foods the cotton candy, french fries, and the elephant ears. Every year we just can’t wait for the fair to come.

Lastly summer is to have fun with your family and friends. So enjoy summer and be happy.

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