Could You Spare a Cent?

February 13, 2017
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One day I was walking through subway stations, between Stephansplatz and Karlsplatz in the heart of Vienna, Austria. I was just about ready to go home after a hearty meal and some very delicious ice cream. My pockets were practically empty because the food was quite expensive, with the ice cream to top it off. Complaining no more, I purchased myself a metro ticket and started descending the escalator stairs. While I was going down, I saw a glimpse of a woman resting upon the cold floor with hundreds of people walking past her. She appeared to be begging for some money for it seemed like she needed some. Her sign, torn and wet was hanging between her arms. The cup she used to try to earn herself some money was too empty to be noticed. She made a cry of desperation every time someone would somehow approach her. I pitied her for not a single soul had at least looked upon where she had sat. She filled herself with excitement when a young girl walked up to her and dropped 50 cents into what was the empty cup. She thanked the girl with such kindness that the girl smiled one last time and ran back to her mother.

The lady sunk back into her slouched position and furthermore waited for another warm hearted person to come by and donate what had been a fortune to the poor lady. Another full train arrived in the heart of Vienna. What seemed like thousands of people poured out of the metro, none of which looked similar to the poor woman. Again, the greedy eyes of the crowd would not dare waste money on a single poor woman, for she had not deserved it like they did. Still the woman sat there, bored and tired, waiting constantly for at least someone to be give what she did not have. However, when I peered back at the cup, the 50 cents were gone. The money that had seemed to have vanished as the crowds disappeared. I couldn’t believe what had happened. The lady had taken the money and popped it into here bag that seemed to be quite weighty already. I was in shock, for I thought that no one had given her anything. Her nifty smile indicated that she knew that people were going to give money she begged for. The woman sneakily stood up and with no problems, walked up the escalators next to me. Sneering at me as if I was the freak; left within my sight in seconds. Repeatedly walking into that station, I never came across that woman ever again.

From these series of events, it brings me to my two conclusions: the overall disregard towards human life and trust among humans. This is a very serious matter, for some people are in need what we are abundant of. They require help that only we can give and it may not be much to ask for. Better to help the ones who may not require aid than not to help anyone, including the people who need the most help. This doesn’t mean that us humans should forget our humanity. However, my second point, is that you cannot trust anyone because people tend to lie and cheat themselves. Meaning that they want people to pity them in order so that they can “feed their greed”. It proves that there is good and bad in this world. Greed is one way to turn the good-hearted people evil; where money generally proves to be the cause. Sadly, you can only separate the good and bad by knowing the person in depth and by gaining their trust. Going back to the woman, even though I may not know her, I still take the risk in trusting her and helping her by giving her what she needs; money.

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Purplesnower said...
Feb. 20 at 2:45 am
I also think things can be taken into perspective.
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