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February 12, 2017
By tfyoya GOLD, Acworth, Georgia
tfyoya GOLD, Acworth, Georgia
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Never be someone that you not. You'll waste your time and everyone else's because they don't know the real you. ~me

No one asks to another person, “What’s the new trend?”  They will look at you like you are the weirdest person in the world because well, it’s weird. Yet many people think about that daily. The look at social media or see what people are wearing and think, is that popular? Should I do that because that looks cool? If you see a pattern and see that it’s blowing up, you’ll get it because why shouldn’t you? In this generation, verbal conversations are more complicated than you might know. People don’t say want they want to say for their own benefit, they say it to attract other people’s attention. To make friends; gain followers on instagram, snapchat, but not twitter because who the heck uses Twitter? That’s why I don’t have twitter, because I’m scared of what people might think. Other people are scared of people that are also scared of people because what if they don’t follow the new trend? What if they don’t like it? If you are a person like me that branches out of trends like listening to rap music, dancing, buying specific clothes or shoes like other people, you are a wallflower. You are those type of people that are easily despised because of what you wear or just having different opinions. That’s how the world works nowadays. If you actually like coming to school, like your teachers, get all As and going above and beyond at home, you are most likely not popular. It’s crazy to think that your entire reputation as a young kid or teenager, and to make friends, is to not be yourself. You have to act like you agree on opinions just to please to people on top of the food chain. You can’t speak your thoughts out loud unless you actually agree with the people that scare the crap out of you. Then, and only then when you are on top of the food chain with them, you can speak your thoughts. You know why? People won’t disagree with you straight up and not be your friend, they’ll just follow you and talk like you and then the whole cycle repeats. The world keeps going and clothes and videos keep getting made and then trends after trends after trends are produced, keeping your status alive. It’s amazing how to world works doesn’t it?

The author's comments:

This comes from truth and my observations that I see every single day I have been alive. Feel free to email me or leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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