Child Abuse

February 10, 2017
By shianx33 BRONZE, New York, New York
shianx33 BRONZE, New York, New York
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Many parents have different ways of disciplining their children but, child abuse should not be one. Child abuse is when a parent or in other words a guardian, is causing emotional or physical harm to their child. Kids that are very young especially like infants, gets abused a lot and I am absolutely disgusted with people’s actions that they take upon the innocence of a child.

So as you know they are  a lot types of child abuse and one of them is physical abuse. Physical abuse is actions that involves force that ends up abusing the body of a child which consists of hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, and pinching. For example, in the website do something the author stated the fact that every second of the day calls are being made about cases that involves a child getting physically touched for any exact reason “every year more than 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection which involving agencies dealing with more than 6.6 million children” ( dosomething). This piece of evidence means that every second of the day a child is getting physically hurt in a way that should not be tolerated at all because it is cruel and you are only putting your child life in risk which is death if it’s continuously happening to your child. Next, I am about to talk about a true story that happened to this baby, her name is Brianna A.K.A “Baby Brianna.” This child was abused mischievously by her own family after just releasing from the hospital in Mexico, She received severe bruises, bites, kicks, etc. According to ripeace.wordpress this reporter mentioned, “When Brianna would cry because of all the pain as a infant , the abusers ( her family ) would laugh and stuff her mouth with clothes” ( ripeace.wordpress , 2013). This highlights the fact that her family is literally psycho and didn’t care of their daughter's reaction to this abuse, this makes me feel so melancholy and much of a disturbance feeling because only one can wonder how much pain this brand new child would feel especially the child being confused, on why she is tortured by people who are  suppose to love her and make her the happiest child on this planet. Another statement from the same reporter also stated the broken parts that she had in her body, “Brianna also had bleeding on her brain, both old and new, as well as broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, lacerations to her fingers and private parts. She had been abused everyday/ every second of her short life” (ripeace.wordpress, 2013).  This demonstrates that Brianna had a lot of broken parts and  it makes big effect on her because it leads to smaller amount of time of her dying of this torment because of the fact she is a baby. Lastly, the sadness approaches on this fatal day.¨ On July 19th, Baby Brianna was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 11:10, she was just 5 months and 5 days old” (ripeace.wordpress, 2013). This highlights how much Brianna had such a addlepated family to let the precious life of a newborn die in a horrendous way.


In this world, parents have reasons based on why they abuse their child. One reason is because of alcohol. Alcohol puts you into a stage where you don’t even realize or maybe do realize that you can make wrong mistakes, and mostly it is the alcohol doing all the action because after awhile of drinking a huge amount of alcohol, it CONTROLS YOU in terms of actions and verbal communication. First, in the website the author explains a common use of these two things that can involve bad outcomes,”Alcohol and drug use is common among abusive parents, may aggravate stress and simulate violent behavior”(frcmo). This evidence exemplifies that sometimes you have parents in this word that drink  liquor to either release stress on their child which it is a negative problem because who doesn't have any idea of how bad the choice you make which is to drink alot, can effect on whatever that is being targeted ( child or children). Also for the beginning evidence that was stated “alcohol and drug use is common to abusive parents”  is stating that sometimes for certain parents, the only time of child abuse is when the parent is drinking and is not in the right state of mind at the moment, which can escalate  to the point where the child is afraid of the parent, because the only time they know their guardian based on who they really are is when they’re sober. Also, another reason that can lead to child abuse could be social stress. For instance, in the website the reporter states the ways of a lead to child abuse,”stress brought on a variety of social conditions that raises the risk of child abuse within a family. These conditions are unemployment, illness, poor housing conditions, a larger than average family size, the presence of a new baby being able to control or take care of it, due to crying and fussing of a child, lastly the death of a family member” (frcmo). This evidence shows that they’re many ways to the cause of abusement especially the fact that the parent of that child being able to have a lot of responsibility to take care of a child. The reason I mentioned that part is because we have parents in this world who are stressed out because  of like the fussing, the chores you have to do to make sure the baby gets what it needs and because of the feeling of you having that, that is too much to handle which could lead to a bad decision of either you deciding to kill the baby or just randomly start abusing the child.


In conclusion, many people have ways of disciplining their child but child abuse should not ever be one. It’s 2017 Wake up and stop being afraid of speaking on your problems especially if they are harmful and putting a big impact (bad one) on you and your future. If you don’t speak out to someone like a teacher or any other caring family member  nobody can help you and I  am positive that you would want rescue your way.  Honestly, I am sick  in your life or and tired of babies dying left to right … I have a brand new niece that was born on dec 26 and  I would never watch anybody ever try to bruise up her for any exact reason, I mean not like my family would ever do it because we hate child abuse itself, it just so sick and disturbing because bringing a child is suppose to be a beautiful thing to every parent and if you knew you didn’t have the qualities to be a mother, you should not make a stupid idea to have a baby then and then killing it because of social problems or whatever problem you are facing PERIOD. So please all the parents that are out here please and truly think about your actions because it can lead to bigger problems in terms of your child that you brought into this world.

The author's comments:

I am a 7th grader who enjoys horror books and loves to get good grades, the reason I chose to send it in as public is because I believe that my writing is outstanding and that I belive you would understand my point of view on writing this topic , lastly would make this writing piece influence others all around the world.

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