Don't Let Others Judge You

February 9, 2017

Whenever people judge you either in the style of your clothes, the genre of music you listen to, the way you live your life, or the things you say or do. You can live with this judgment, or you can try not to let it bother you by: living confidently and sufficiently, and when others bring you down keep your head high and follow in what you believe is right. An example of not letting others judge you is if someone judges you by what you wear you can ignore them and walk away or you can walk with confidence and work what you wear! One time someone was judging me by what type of music that I listen to, so I held my head high and told them that It only matters if I like the music and that they only need to pay attention to what kind of music they like. If someone judges you by how you talk or pronounce things you can ignore them or you can stay confident and tell them to worry about themselves. Many people judged me all the time but I have gotten use to ignoring them and living my life the way I want to, and now no one judges me because I’m confident in the things they say about me, and they realise that I don’t get sad anymore if they judge me so they leave me alone now. I really recommend you take my advice because it worked for me and my friends so it can work for you. Everyone deserves a happy life, don’t let others drag you down and live life to the fullest. 

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slrayburn said...
Feb. 13 at 3:50 pm
This was really great.
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