My Cousin Chris's Wedding

February 9, 2017

In  May 2014  my granny ,my papa, my older brother Dakota, my little brother Cameron and I all went to  Onion,Arkansas, for my cousin Chris’s wedding. Our grandpa came to the school to get Dakota, Cameron, and me. Then we left the school and went to our grandparents house to load up all of our bags. Then we left about 5 minutes later and we were on our way to Arkansas. About 3 hours later we were somewhere in Arkansas. When we got to Arkansas we  went to my uncle Philip’s house to visit for a few minutes. We left my uncle’s house and we went and got a hotel room for the night. The hotel had two beds in it so granny and papa got one of the beds,Dakota and Cameron got the other bed and I slept on the couch bed for the night.


When we left the hotel  Granny was wearing her dress, Papa was wearing his suit and tie, Dakota was wearing a black shirt under his blue button up shirt he was also wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes, Cameron was wearing a shirt that had a dog on it he wore black jeans and tennis shoes, I was wearing a black and  striped dress with black boots my hair was down. My hair was down because a few days before this Chris asked me “Brittany will you wear your hair down?” I said ‘Why?” Chris said “because I like your hair that way.” I said “that I would wear my hair down to the wedding because I love you.”Chris said “thank you.” I said “you are welcome,I love you Chris.” Chris said “I love you too,I will see you at the wedding.” I said “ok I will also see you at the wedding.” We left the hotel that Saturday morning and we were on our way to the wedding. We got to the wedding a little too early so we went to eat lunch with Chris, Cody, Jacob, Uncle Phillip, Doug,  Buffie, Buffie’s sister’s kids, Dakota, Cameron, Granny, Papa, Me,  and alot more of Chris’s family because I don’t remember all of their names. Granny said “Chris and Cody come move these tables.” Chris and Cody both said “ Yes we will move these tables.” Chris and Cody were moving the third table when Chris said” Cody you might want to move.” Cody said “why?” and Chris said “because you are standing where I am about to put this table.” Cody said “ok I will move so you can put the table here.” Chris, Cody,  and I all laugh because of the way Cody said what he just said. Granny and papa sat at the end of the table,  Dakota, Doug, and Cameron sat by eachother at the third table, Chris, Cody,  and I sat by eachother at the fourth table. We all got our food and mine came with french fries and I asked “Chris  do you want these fries? I also asked “ Cody  do you also want these fries?” Chris said “yes”. Cody also said “yes.” So I halved the fries with both of them. Chris and Cody both said “thank you Brittany.” I said “ you are welcome Chris and Cody.” We left the place that we were eating at and went back to where the wedding was going to be. The wedding was at 2:00 P.M. that Saturday afternoon.


We waited for an hour before the wedding started. My Granny  and I got to see Liz in the wedding dress and granny took a few pictures of Liz and I and a few pictures of Liz,  Dakota, Cameron, and I all together. Cody almost got hurt by his soon to be sister-in-law. He almost got hurt because he almost let Chris see her in her wedding dress before the wedding it was pretty funny. It was funny because of what was said I can’t remember what all was said. Buffie’s sister’s little boy who has a mental problem because when he was little his mom or dad dropped him on his head. He was the ringbearer for Chris and Liz. Before he came out his older sister was the flower girl and she was the only flower girl she was so cute.  The ringbearer was the brother to the flower girl and he was so cute. Chris’s side of the family was in the sun and it was hot. Liz’s side of the family was in the shade. Before we all went to sat down papa said “Chris why are we in the sun?” Chris said “y’all are in the sun because that is where Liz wanted you,but if you want to sit in the shade papa there are a few seats in the shade and that will be ok with Liz and I.” Papa said no I will sit in the sun.” Chris, Cody, Cameron,  Papa,  Granny,  Dakota, and I all laughed at what papa said. We all had to go and sit down in the sun and wait for all of them to be standing where they were going to stand. Chris was the first one up there besides the preacher. Uncle Philip came next and stood on the right side of Chris, then came Cody to stand on the other side of Uncle Philip. Then the maids of honor came, then Liz came down the aisle. Chris and Liz lived together a year before they got married. Chris may or may not of cried when he said his vows to Liz. Liz cried when she said her vows to Chris. Then the pastor said “Christopher you may now kiss the bride!” Chris and Liz kissed each other then they went to take pictures.


Meanwhile the people that were not taking pictures went to the reception and waited for them to finish taking pictures. While they were taking pictures the wedding cake was already in the reception building. While we were in the reception building we were talking and Cameron said “ Cody is just me is the the top of the cake leaning.” Cody said “the cake is leaning, papa is the heat or air on?” Papa looks at the thermostat with surprise on his face and Cody say “ is the heat or air on?” Then  papa says “the heat is on, but I will turn it down someone go and fix the cake.” Granny went and fixed the cake just in time because about 10 minutes later Chris and Liz walked through the door. We all ate cake and we all went and hugged Chris and Liz. Cameron made Chris a wedding gift it was a bracelet and he also made Liz a bracelet also Cameron wanted to kiss Liz and Cameron kissed Liz and we were all laughing including Chris. We left before it was over to come back home.On our way home papa said “hey Cameron you can’t have a crush on Liz anymore because she is your cousin-in-law now.” We all laughed and everyone fell asleep except for me and papa I did not fall asleep because I wasn’t tired, papa did not fall asleep because he  was driving. We got home around  8:00 that night and they dropped me off at my other grandparents house.

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