February 7, 2017

Now and again I get bored with always being told what to do and then forced to do it, by line or rein. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Willow! I have lived with the same kind family since I was 8 years old I am almost 21 now! About a year ago my favorite human a girl of 16 decided to try something new with me! She took me out to the round pen  next to the barn, and lunged me. She was very happy to see that I would listen to her with almost no force needed! So she took the lead line off! There was  nothing between me and her… I did not know what to do. She asked me to walk and moved the whip toward me so I walked. She said whoa I know that word so I stopped. She was elated! Davia gave me a treat, and we repeated the process for days asking me to go walk, trot, stop,come and stand.

Davia was pleased with all my progress in the round pen within a week i was listening to every word she said. At that point  Davia asked her friend Sierra to come videotape me working so of course I did my best.

Within a few days of this she decided to take me out of the round pen for short periods of time! The next time sierra came over we walked up to the house down the driveway a bit toward the fire pit. I followed them. Davia asked me to walk between the swings on the swing set and follow her around on the paths next to the driveway!
When I got good at this she started lunging me again with her friend she had her walking around with me. Eventually i got the point, i was supposed to go out around her like we did in the round pen! Davia says that in typical pony fashion I am stubborn, and took off a few times. But within 3 months i was good at everything she asked me to do.

Now at least once a  week or whenever the weather i nice she comes and gets me out of the pasture and we work together, I follow her she will make me stand and we enjoy some quality time together.  I am yet to understand the ways of the other humans their body language is not as easy to understand. They also don’t seem to interested in learning to communicate with me the way Davia does! I love that I have a special human, who took the time over 12 years to build a bond with me enough to do what she calls liberty work! Of course the offering of treats helps me to know when I have done something right! 

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