Learning from the Past

February 7, 2017
By AlonsoH BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
AlonsoH BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Bullying is not the best thing in the world,but sometimes it builds character and makes you tougher. I was in the fourth grade when I was finally learning to be careful about who I trust. I was a little kid when I learned that not everyone that I know is my friend. I finally learned that I cannot just sit idly by and be a pushover.In fourth grade I was bullied.It made me who I am today.

There was a kid maybe a year or two older, he went to my school of course, and I noticed that he started to be nice to me. Let’s call him “Typ” for “typical bully.” I started to think to myself

“ A new friend is always better, right?” So me, being a little kid, I started to think that he was legit and actually wanted to be my friend. He lived close to me, so we went on the same bus. My best friend was on my bus too, so instead of sitting with Typ I sat with my best friend, let’s call him Buddy. Buddy lived right down the street.
I don’t know when Typ started to actually bully me, because even when he said something mean about me like “you’re stupid.”and “White Meatball.” And other harsh words, some usually not allowed in school. All of these were of course not too bad to me to me at the time, and when I finally started to realize what was happening it started to bother me. I started to realize that I was being bullied, and I decided to do nothing about it. I would walk around the halls with Buddy, and I usually saw Typ walking with his friends too. He would look, point and turn back to his friends, and they would start laughing

“Don’t listen to them.” Buddy would say
“Kinda hard not to” I replied
“Why do you care?” Buddy asked
“It’s one thing when-”

“Hey Loser!” Typ interrupted while walking towards me at an alarming rate, in only seconds he closed in on me and my friend.Not knowing what to do I looked toward my friend who was no longer by my side.I lost hope and turned to face my opponent, but I was surprised to only see the back of buddies sweater; The sweater was black with a gray swoosh. Buddy was confronting Typ for me even though he knew it was my problem.

“W-Why?” I stuttered
“Grow some backbone!” growled buddy
“You don’t need to-”
“Yes I do!” He yelled

This is where I started to figure out that when I started to get tougher and face my own problems and even try to face others problems if possible.I told an adult about the whole incident and Typ ended up having a detention and I finally learned that I should stand up for myself.

The author's comments:

This aericle is about how I became the way I am.

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