Is It Destiny?

February 8, 2017
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Destiny - we often wonder about it. Why are we here? What is our mission? What do we need to accomplish in this life? Does destiny even exist? We choose who we are and what we do. We choose whether to tell our parents that we "accidentally" spilled the water on the computer. We choose what school we will go to. We choose how to act around our friends.


But there are some things we have no control over. We can't help but get nervous when our crush starts walking towards us. And come see closer. And closer. Closer still. We can't help it if someone believes we're smart or beautiful or stupid or funny or just too weird for their taste. We have absolutely no control over people. 


No matter how much we lure them with lies or bribe them with secrets, we cannot be 100% sure of their thoughts. We can't be positive of their next move. They have their own "destiny." They create their own future. They make their choices. Whether that choice will include punches or hurtful words, it is still up to us to decide how that's will affect us. We can choose to listen or not listen. We can choose to act or not act. 


But that brings up another point: nurture or nature? Is it us  or our parents that made us who we are? Which had more influence? Do we really want to do well in school because we truly want to or because our parents want us to? Was it our parents' dream or ours? 


Why are we the way we are now? Why are we always hoping for something that is just out of reach? Was it because we were born on that particular year in that particular month in that particular day? Or was it because we simply want to live up to certain expectations? Did we change during our birth or throughout our life? Which had more influence?


Was it destiny or not?

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