My Writer's Block Experience

February 3, 2017
By Sharpz BRONZE, Katy, Texas
Sharpz BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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I guess that writing/typing this work couldn’t be too terrible. My only problem is that because I have such a free reign on what to write, my mind then comes to a stop. There’s nothing immediate coming onto the page. My own experience of writer’s block keeps my brain from moving on that train of thought and my hand from pushing the pencil. Hell, even this is just some “spur-of-the-moment” type of malarkey that is to satisfy myself. Maybe it’s just an excuse for a distraction that prohibits my mind to find any real subject to write about. It seems like some insignificant dialogue those actors in movies use to stall out an incoming surprise.


The ideas and thoughts come flowing in like a dam has allowed the water through. It’s the surprise in those movies. The sudden realization of what I’m able to do with my writing. I’ve done it, finally!

But for some unspoken reason, I continue with this work that I’ve started. Why? Is it shear laziness to start over and write something new? Do I just not want to? Have I gone too far to go back? For all of those, it’s more than likely a ‘Yes’.

I know I can write about more. Simple topics run through my mind such as: my opinions on rising social issues, bullying, or even something as trivial as people who peak my interests in school, sports, or any other vague topics that can be applied to other real world situations. I just can’t put my mind on another track. It has a track that it is set upon now.

I guess this is the point in time where I can successfully turn around the idea that this subject of rambling is doable. This sort of writer’s block is sometimes necessary for writers. Mindlessly putting words on the page to put some logical sense behind them is what I needed. Sooner or later the train of thought I have is rolling to keep the piece working.

So let’s turn this towards other writers. What makes things work for your writing? Is your writer’s block prohibiting you from continuing on the path you wanted to take for your passages? How can this help out? To be honest, everyone is different. Nobody has the exact methods of getting through the creative stages of writing, so find your tune. Whatever it is, make it yours and push on through your sense of writing whether it be for your own mindless pencil pushing or for a novel you want to make.

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