Horse 101

February 3, 2017
By , Anchorge, AK

Did you know there are over 360 breeds of ponies and horses? Though there are many types, they are all different in many ways. If getting a horse, you will be surprised of the breeds, their care, and riding styles.
Before getting a horse you should look at the many types of breeds and their differences. One very important difference is size. You could get a large draught horse or a small Icelandic pony. You might consider the look or color of your horse. There are many choices, it may be chestnut brown, a palomino yellow/tan, and the rarest coloring is black! Also, the patterns on the horses' feet are called socks, and the patterns on the horse's face are called stripe, star and blotch depending on the pattern of the colors. Though there are many differences, you may have different horses for different jobs.  For hard work and big jobs, you must have a draft horse, which is very large and strong, therefore a "work horse". There is also a breed of horse for competition. Tow of the activities are jumping, and dressage. .So when getting a horse, consider the size, coloring, patterns, and types.
With horses comes great responsibility, especially the many things you must do to care for a horse. One is food. Mostly horses eat hay but you must be careful of the amount because they will become fat. They also eat different types of grains like wheat, and oats. You must also brush your horses hair every day or two. It sometimes is confusing because there a several types of brushes. Some brushes are, a hard brush with their firm bristles for the horses’ main body, a soft with soft bristles, and a round brush is small and hard. Though there are many have their own purpose. Your horse cannot stay in its stall all day. You should exercise it most every day. The last part is love. As an owner, you should spend time every day with it no matter what. These are some of the responsibilities of owning a horse.

One of the best parts of owning a horse is riding it, but you should look into the different styles. The types are English, western, bareback, and lastly racing. The English saddle is small with no horn or extra leather witch is mostly used in competitions. A Western style saddle has a horn and a large seat which is the saddle for a cowboys use. Bare back. is a style that has no saddle at all, only a blanket to protect the horse’s’ body. Last is a racing saddle. Once you become more advanced and start racing, you use this saddle because it has a light structure and no extra weight. So look out for these types of saddles when getting one.

Now you know what to expect when you acquire a horse! From all the different breeds, the tall strong draft horse to lean thoroughbred. Do you know all the health/food and brushing specific? Try to think about all the different of riding and saddles. Imagine you are in the middle of a stable full of horses and one of them could be yours.

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