Nature Is a Safe Haven

November 28, 2016
By Anonymous

Nature is a safe haven, this I believe.

Have you ever just stood outside and deeply breathed in the scent of nature and felt calm and safe and free of every worry you’ve ever had? It is most possibly the best feeling in the world. When nature surrounds you and you forget about your stress, your troubles, and why you even had to go out in the first place. The outside world, the nature all around us is a safe haven.

Yes, everybody has struggles. Even myself. I have had some pretty rough times in my life that I have had to work through and deal with. During those times, I always went to nature and the woods to get away and it never failed to take away the negativity and keep me calm and safe. Being in the world filled with life that we live in makes me so happy. Seeing the leaves on the trees rustle in the wind. Seeing a squirrel bounding across the yard trying to find the nuts it stored in the ground. Seeing the birds skim the water. It is my safe haven.
Even today when  I’m stressed, worried, tired, sad, or angry I always go outside and either write, read quotes or my book, just sit and breath, or take a walk. Sometimes I just sit and sip my tea, listening to the wilderness around me. I hear the birds chirping in the morning, and hear the squish of mud under someone's feet as they walk closer. I let it consume me and make me feel like part of the forest. Then, slowly, I feel better. I love to take walks around my neighborhood alone. I wake up to a rainy day, as if the nightmare wasn't bad enough,  yet I still

   go for a walk with my rain boots and umbrella. No matter the weather or what I’m feeling the serenity of my surroundings can always bring my mood up. The nature around us is warm and inviting and can heal and transform us.


The Children’s Advocacy Center has built a garden for children and teens who have been in a bad place in their past or recently. They have worked hard to build the garden as a safe haven; is a healing space for daily struggles and shows teens and children that they have the support they need around them. They to know that children and teens need an escape or an outlet from the negativity around them.
So enjoy the nature around you, look deeper, breathe deeply, let it calm you and protect you. It’s lovely. Let the serenity of the outside surround you.

Nature is a safe haven this I believe.

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